Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1152

Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover chapter 1152 “Actually, that won’t be necessary because he’s not going to kill me for real. At the end of the day, I’m his only son.”

“What the hell? Are you kidding me? Weren’t you the one who told me you had to run away from your father? Was it just a joke?” Sabrina went berserk and shouted.

She wasn’t the one making a scene for nothing because she had gone to great lengths to procure the aid of his brother to ensure he was safe when they weren’t even related.

It was merely one of her attempts to return him the favor of saving her when her life was at stake. It was a challenge for someone who had never requested others’ aid on someone else’s behalf.

What if Devin finds out I’m trying to help a man shortly after he’s dead? Is he going to blame me for being disloyal? Maybe he’s going to deem me unworthy of him!

As emotions came flooding out, Sabrina couldn’t resist the urge to weep and ended up with a pair of welled-up eyes.

Edmund was well aware he had to make something up to deceive the heartbroken woman. Once he snapped out of bewilderment, he explained, “I didn’t lie, but—”


“If I run away with you, my father’s going to pick on your brother!”

He brought up something reasonable and stopped her from making a scene. It worked like a charm and rendered her speechless.

She just couldn’t bring herself to expose her brother to uncertainties. In the end, she returned to her room and banged the door shut, leaving the men in the living room alone.

“You know she’s merely trying to do you a favor, don’t you?”

m well aware of that.”

Edmund finally returned to his usual self. He glanced at Sabrina’s room and served Karl a glass of water.

Out of curiosity, Karl asked, “Are you sure you’re not coming with us? Actually, we were at the hospital as well, but we thought it wouldn’t be wise to show up since she had rushed to your rescue.”

No matter how things might turn out, he would never resent them. He asked, “Has she really acquired Sebastian’s aid to take me away with her?”

“Actually, it’s Mr. Hayes’ instructions. He was equally worried when he figured out things had headed south last night. On top of that, Benedict did nothing when such a serious incident had occurred. Therefore, Mr. Hayes thought it wouldn’t be necessary to expose you to unnecessary risk anymore.”

Karl handed Edmund another miniature device similar to the one in his drawer once he finished his orated speech.

Edmund took over the device and said, “It’s because we’re not halfway through with the plan yet. Once I infiltrate the ranks, I’m sure he can’t keep me in the dark anymore.”

“You—’ Colors drained from Karl’s face since Edmund had made himself clear he wouldn’t be leaving with them.

Does he seriously think he’s still the almighty major? He’s on his own without anyone with him! Shall we talk about the injury he has sustained?

He almost lost his life because of a skin prick test! There’s no way he’s making it out alive if he infiltrates the ranks on his own!

“No! There’s no way I’m allowing this! Mr. Hayes is of the same idea as well! He’s working on several alternatives as we speak! No matter what, we’re not exposing you to unnecessary risk anymore—l’m taking you home with me!”

Karl remarked with his voice quivering and thought of rendering the man opposite him unconscious to take him away with him against his will.

However, a glance from Edmund was all it took to stop Karl from trying anything rash. After all, Karl wasn’t a match for Edmund even when Edmund wasn’t in his prime.

“You don’t have to repeat yourself because I’m well aware of tha risk I’m susceptible ta! Am I supposed to remind you of the sort of things awaiting Mr. Hayes? He warned me not to mingle with those affiliated with the White House, but he joined the rank without my consent! What the hell does he think he’s doing?”

Unable to think of anything else to rebuke Edmund, Karl remained standing in silence. Once he thought of the things awaiting them, he fell into the vicious cycle of despair.

He’s right! Mr. Hayes isn’t having it easy as well! As a matter of fact, he’s in an equally nasty situation! Unless he could take them on without others’ aid, it’s only a matter of time until they take him out!

In the end, Karl left since he knew he couldn’t change Edmund’s mind.

Edmund knocked on the door of Sabrina’s reom after standing next to it for a few minutes. He asked, “Ms, Sabrina, aren’t you going to leave with the bodyguard of the family?”

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