Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1153

What is she doing in the room? Why can’t I hear anything coming from the room? I guess I’ll just have to leave her alone for the time being.

In the afternoon, Benedict finally showed up. The assistant he brought along with him announced, “Mr. Edmund, can you please answer the door? Mr. Cooper is here for you!”

Edmund dismissed the one knocking on the door and continued preparing the serving of steak the staff brought him in the kitchen.

As the scent permeated throughout the suite, those outside of the suite knocked on the door again.
Out of nowhere, a woman stomped her way out of the room and marched in the direction of the entrance to answer the door.

“Can’t you wait? Why the hell are you in a hurry? Are you dying or what?” she yelled when she was a few feet away from the entrance, startling the man in the kitchen.

Afraid the woman would try something rash after answering the door and getting in the way of those at the entrance, he looked at them while holding the serving of steak.

The man at the entrance couldn’t think of the proper way to carry on with the conversation because he had never encountered such a fearsome woman.

In the end, he greeted her, “M-Mrs. Jadeson, we’re here for Mr. Edmund. Can you tell me if he’s here?”

“No! He’s dead!” she yelled with her arms tucked, indicating she was irked.

Edmund, who was in the suite, felt his lips twitching against his will and accidentally dropped the serving of steak on the sizzling skillet.

Once those at the entrance heard the sound coming from the suite, the man asked, “I-It’s Mr. Edmund, isn’t it?”

Sabrina turned around with her eyes narrowed to a slit while asking in a sarcastic manner, “Are you sure you’re not hearing things when I’m the only one here? I’m waming you to get the hell out of my sight at once! Otherwise, don’t blame me for whatever’s in store for youl”

As soon as she made herself clear, she clasped her fingers together and cracked them in front of them, implying she was ready to take them on.

When will this silly woman learn to behave herself and stop stirring things up? What’s with the sudden change of attitude when she refused to acknowledge she was the one who had brought up the request to take me away when Karl was here?

Why has she gotten in their way when they show up at the doorstep looking for me? Isn’t she aware of the risk associated with her actions?

Edmund turned off the stove and joined the trio at the entrance instead of having his sweet time in the kitchen.
The moment he showed up, the frustrated man at the entrance exclaimed, “Mr. Edmund, I knew it! See! He’s right here!”

The annoyed Benedict glared at his so-called son in silence throughout the session.

It was the same for Edmund as he couldn’t care less about their presence. The one he cared about the most was the woman getting in the way of the duo.

Edmund requested, “Ms. Sabrina, can you please show them the way to the suite?” Sabrina, who was ready to take out the men at the entrance, turned around with a look of disbelief when she heard Edmund.

What the hell is wrong with him? Is he seriously asking me to show them the way into the suite? Has he a death wish or something?

He assured the annoyed woman, “I’m pretty sure they won’t try anything silly since you’re around. Why don’t you take a break in the room and allow me to deal with them?”

Sabrina turned around with her eyes narrowed to a slit in a suspicious manner. A few seconds later, she finally stopped getting in their way at the entrance.

Instead of returning to the room as suggested, she continued cooking the serving of steak in the kitchen while skinning the peels of fruits off nonchalantly.

After engaging himself in a conversation with her a few minutes ago, the assistant Benedict brought along found her a horrifying woman and thought it would be better to stay away from her.

Once the trio took a seat in the living room, Benedict asked, “Have you spent the night here?”

Seated opposite his father, Edmund asked sarcastically, “Where else could I’ve spent the night at?”

As the young man showed no signs of serving his father anything, the assistant brought himself to the kitchen to retrieve a glass of water on Benedict’s behalf.

Benedict instructed in a callous tone, “You need to stay away from her. I’ll bring her to Jadeborough with me once I’m done.
Meanwhile, I want you to return to Yorksland with him.”


Edmund looked at his father in the eyes with a confused look because he couldn’t figure out the reason his so-called father wanted him to return to Yorksland.

I get it if he wants to take Sabrina away with him since she’s the one stirring things up as a member of the Jadesons, but why does he want to send me to Yorksland? Isn’t it too soon? Things seemed to have progressed too well to be true! Edmund queried while squinting his eyes, “Have you sorted things out on my behalf? Are you sure they’re willing to let me off the hook?”

“Yes, that’s precisely the reason I need you to leave as soon as possible. It was never my intention to doubt you, but I had to play safe. Things are quite complicated around here.”

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