Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1154

Edmund couldn’t believe his ears since Benedict actually acknowledged he was the one at fault for the first time.

He went dead silent when he recalled the sort of capabilities Benedict possessed. Otherwise, his father couldn’t have sorted out the issue on his behalf so soon.

It turns out I’ve underestimated him again! He’s way more influential than I think he is! If a member of the Senate is capable of this, what about the ones hiding behind the scene? Is his superior far more capable than him?

He tried his best to remain calm in spite of feeling overwhelmed. In the end, he agreed to return with his so-called father under one condition.

“She’s quite a pain in the ass since she’s not really in her right mind for most of the time. I’m afraid none of you can take her away against her will. I’ll get in touch with her brother and get him to pick her up.”

“Well, I guess it’s fine.” Benedict agreed and departed from the hotel shortly after he wrapped up the session with his son.

Meanwhile, Edmund returned to the side of Sabrina shortly after the departure of his father. He asked, “Ms. Sabrina, what are you doing?”

Sabrina was occupied with something. She remarked while staring at the map in front of her, “Are you blind? Can’t you see I’m trying to plan your escape route?”

She was there throughout his conversation with his so-called father. To his surprise, she seemed to have considered the possibility of Benedict trying something else instead of sending him to Yorksland as promised.

Standing next to the woman, he felt great for the first time in a while and murmured in an intimate manner, “Ms. Sabrina…” He made it sound as if they were husband and wife, but Sabrina, who wasn’t aware of the things he had in mind, repeated her question, “What do you want?”

“Shall we disguise ourselves and sneak to the airport using a secret route? As long as we look different, I’m sure his men can’t find us!”

“Are you serious?” She turned around and looked at him in the eyes. It was evident the man had successfully deceived her again.

It wasn’t because she was a foot. In fact, it was because she had faith in those she deemed reliable, including the man next to her. Therefore, she wasn’t suspicious of his suggestion at all.

To make sure he could convince her, he showed her the route using the map he had installed. Ten minutes later, they took a detour to the mail to get themselves disguised.

On their way to the mall, Edmund drafted a text to Karl.
Edmund: I want you to pick her up at the mall after an hour.
What the hell is going an?

Karl was confused by the sudden turn of events until he came across the assault in the shopping mall after spending another hour in the cybercafé.

Edmund’s eyes gleamed when the woman marched out of the fitting room with Gothic clothes. Subsequently, he complimented her with a sincere smile, “Ms. Sabrina, you look great!”

He was intrigued and found out it was his fault for not acknowledging the sort of affection he had for when he had the chance to appreciate her presence.

With that being said, he blamed his upbringing because he was brought up with values different from the woman he had a thing for.

He made fun of her and considered her a freak because of her preferences. Unwilling to be considered a freak, he tried to distance himself from her.

Unbeknownst to him, he had long fallen for the woman he considered a freak.
Similarly, Sabrina, who was in the middle of touching up her look, flushed when she heard the man’s compliment.

She had never heard others praising her for being herself. Thus, she stammered in return, “W-What are you talking about? Hurry up and go get yourself changed! Aren’t we in a hurry?”

In order to get herself out of the awkward situation, she brought up something else to divert his attention.

Nodding with a smile, he headed into the fitting room to disguise his look. A few minutes later, a handsome man returned with a set of fashionable clothes.


“It took me some time ta pick something to go along with your dress! What do you think, Ms. Sabrina?”

Sabrina had a hard time breathing because of the man’s presence and affectionate gaze. As much as she thought of looking elsewhere, she found out she couldn’t.

What the hell is wrong with me? Have I fallen for him or something? How is that even possible?

He took her breath away with his grin while caressing her hair in an affectionate manner. Consequently, she felt her heart racing again.

“Ms. Sabrina, has your husband told you that you’re a gorgeous woman?”


“Well, it’s an honor to be the first to compliment your beauty. You’re truly the most gorgeous woman I have ever

encountered throughout my life. Others might not learn to appreciate you, but it’s fine because you’re one-of-a-kind. After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

Although there was nothing special with the man’s orated speech, Sabrina’s mind went completely blank because of it.

She wasn’t even aware of the things going on, including the firearm assault in the mall, because the man’s affectionate speech was the only thing she had in mind.

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