Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1155

In the end, Sabrina plunged into unconsciousness.
When Karl rushed over to the haute couture boutique and found her unscathed, Edmund had been taken away.

“Damn it! Why was he taken away? I’ve already made arrangements in advance. Why did those people come over here to arrest him? What went wrong? Argh!”

Benedict threw a fit at the sight in the boutique.

It was indeed bizarre.

He informed Edmund to come back, as he had spoken to those people, so they wouldn’t mess with his son.

Why did that happen again?

Benedict was smoldering with fury.

As a result, he decided to attack their headquarters with his men. Infuriated, he dialed a number.

Right after he made the call, Sebastian, who was staring at a screen at Oceanic Estate in Jadeborough, saw a red dot flicker.
“Look! It’s moving!” Jonathan yelled and was over the moon the second he saw it.

However, Sebastian remained silent.

When the red dot had moved a few inches away, only then did he pick up his phone from the table.

“Hello. It’s me. Find out the IP address of the red spot moving on the screen.”

“Yes, Mr. Hayes,” an unflinching voice from SteelFort sounded.

In the meantime, in the mall at Bellridge, Karl watched Benedict storm away with his men.
He felt worried, yet assured.

It finally works this time,

Soon, he took the unconscious Sabrina away. Immediately, he asked someone to carry her into a helicopter to send her back to Jadeborough.

“How about you? Aren’t you leaving?”

A SteelFort subordinate’s expression changed upon realizing that his leader seemed to have no intention of boarding the helicopter.

Karl patted his shoulder with a smile. “Why should I? I’ve yet to complete the mission given by Mr. Hayes.” “W-What mission?”

“The one about taking her back.”

Karl let out a hearty laugh. In the next second, he turned around.

When the subordinate recollected himself and wanted to catch hold of Karl, the helicopter had taken off.
“Mr. Frost!”

Gaping at his lonely figure, several SteelFort subordinates couldn’t do nothing but choke up and shriek in desperation as the helicopter rose into the sky.

It was incredibly heart-wrenching

Everyone was sacrificing themselves amid this tragedy, including the superior Jadesons, and the Hayeses who had been trying to steer clear of troubles and disputes.

Soon, Karl drove the black Jeep away.
Back in the country.

It was already at night when the helicopter brought Sabrina back to Oceanic Estate. Sebastian and Sasha had attended the banquet in the White House. Only Mark alone was home.

Hearing that someone was back, he marched to the entrance right away.
“You guys…”

“Mr. Stewart, Mr. Frost has stayed back at Bellridge to assist Mr. Cooper, so we’re here to send Ms. Sabrina home. We’ll leave her to you now.”

As soon as the SteelFort subordinates saw Mark, they carried Sabrina out of the helicopter and briefly told him about their situation.

An astonished look crossed Mark’s face.

“How could he do that? That place is so dangerous. If you need more manpower, we can mobilize more men from here. Mr.
Frost does not need to stay there.”

“We’re Mr. Hayes’ subordinates as well.”

With that said, the group of tough, unswerving men left.

Mark was nonplussed, looking at them.

They were right. Though they were from the Hayes family, Mr. Sebastian, who was living in the Jadeson residence, was also their master. What was the difference between them?

Afterward, Mark brought Sabrina into the house.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was still awake in his study. Mark saw it and approached him. His eyes were glued to the computer screen that he did not even notice it when Mark came in.

“How is it? Is the banquet still on?”

“Yes, it is. I can’t believe Carlos is there!”

Sitting at the desk, Jonathan stared intensely at a man with an odd expression.

Is that Carlos?

Mark was shocked when he heard that name.

Dashing to the computer, he spotted an old man being pushed around in a wheelchair in the surveillance footage.
In front of him stood Sebastian.

“What is he trying to do? Is he still holding grudges that you took his place? Now that you’re retired, is he going to make a move against Mr. Sebastian?”

Instinctively, Mark reached out to touch his left ear to inform the Jadesons who were lurking around the White House.

Nevertheless, Jonathan stopped him.

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