Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1156

Back then, Jonathan snatched his position from someone else, and the man was Carlos Smith.

The two of them led their troops in a war, and were responsible for different areas. Because of the ideal terrain at the battlefield, Carlos was supposed to win without breaking a sweat, but he lost terribly.

On the other hand, in the northwest, Jonathan led his troop to victory and successfully quelled the war in the country.

Since then, Jonathan became the general of the entire army, and Carlos had not shown up in the White House for decades.
Scrutinizing the old man in the footage, Jonathan had a menacing expression on his face.

Why does he suddenly appear on such an important occasion?

“Hold still for now. Let’s see what he’s up to. I believe he does not have the nerve to mess around at National Day banquet.” Jonathan wanted to observe the old man first.

Mark obeyed and waited patiently.

Everyone who attended the National Day banquet in the White House came with an ulterior motive.

However, none had the guts to do anything reckless there.

Apparently, the one who organized such an event had a hidden agenda as well.

“Mr. Hayes, let me introduce you to Mr. Smith, a general who fought alongside with your grandpa in wars before.”

At the banquet, Carlos had been brought to Sebastian, who was sitting at the table in the White House.

However, other than Sebastian, no one else was at the table.

They either did it intentionally or they were really busy entertaining the guests. As the new Speaker of the House, being abandoned at the table alone made him appear forlorn.

A general?

Hearing that, Sebastian glanced languidly at the old man with his legs crossed.

“I’ve never heard of him.”

The man behind Carlos’ wheelchair clenched his fists so hard that the sound of his knuckle cracking could be heard.

They knew he was rather haughty, but never had they expected him to be this insolent. Does he know who he’s talking to? Even his grandfather, Jonathan, dared not ignore Carlos.

The man behind the wheelchair was about to boast Carlos’ achievements to daunt Sebastian.

Unexpectedly, Carlos waved his hand dismissively to gesture him to leave.

“Mr. Hayes, you’ve taken after your father. He was equally prideful when he was under me.”


Sebastian’s expression remained indifferent.

His next sentence was even more maniacal. “I’m not sure about that, since I’ve never seen him.” There was a moment of silence between them.

The atmosphere was extremely awkward.

This time, even Carlos could no longer stand it. A hint of fury flitted across his face.

Right then, the host of the banquet, Silas, who was also the president, came over with a glass of wine.

“Mr. Smith, here you are. I was going to introduce you to the new House Speaker. He’s from the military, so I’m sure you would surely like to meet him.”

With a cheerful grin, he came to them and insisted on introducing them to one another.
Still, Sebastian remained seated in silence.

Carlos simmered down as soon as he saw the president.

“We’ve met each other. His demeanor shows that he’s indeed one of the Jadesons.”

“Right.” Silas’ smile grew wider.

“In this case, Mr. Smith, would you like to join the House for some time? Old Mr. Jadeson is now ill and on bed rest. Yariel has just taken over the House, so he’s not familiar with the operation yet. I’m worried because no one is here to guide him.”

His words came like a bolt from the blue.
Did he invite Carlos to the banquet to make him jain the House and rule over me? Is he trying to stir up trouble? Swirling the wineglass in his hand, Sebastian sniggered.

“You might as well save yourself some hassle and ask Mr. Smith to be the House Speaker in replacement of myself. I told you previously that I have no experience and was unable to handle this position.”

“Yariel, how could you…” Instantly, Silas’ face flushed crimson with embarrassment.
Gasps of astonishment sounded around them as his words drew the attention of the people around him.

Yariel indeed has the balls to speak up. Does he even know that Silas is the new president? Besides, we are in the White House. How insolent. Isn’t he afraid his action might get him into trouble?

When everyone saw that, they were gleeful — they thought the Jadesons and the White House were going to be on bad terms.

A few minutes later, Silas left sulkily, while Carlos shook his head at the audacious young man.
“Yariel, you should really change your hot temper.”

“Why should I?” Sebastian refuted him with an expressionless face.

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