Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1573

Chapter 1573 He Keeps His Promise

They were finally enlightened at what someone powerful with a prominent family background should look like. After all, nobody would dare to step on anyone’s toes with noble titles in Yartran.

Nonetheless, the men in black gave no hoots to Adalyn’s social status. They aimed at digging up the culprit manipulating in the dark for the sake of their princess.

Helena had almost fainted. She was never in such a mightier fear before and thought of fleeing immediately.

In the meantime, Karl and the others found out that the young girl was the culprit. One of the men in black scanned the statue of the Venus Goddess with a special tool. Shortly after, her fingerprints were visible on it. Undeniably, it proved that she had pushed it deliberately!

“N-No, it wasn’t me. Helena’s the one instigating me to do so. She threatened to kick me out of the school if I refused to do it.” Kneeling on the ground, the young girl poured out everything in snots and tears.

In a split second, a hint of murderous intent flickered in Karl’s eyes. His eyes looked like two daggers as he shot Helena a penetrative look.

Feeling a prickle of fear, Helena could not utter any words. As her legs gave way, she slumped onto the floor.

“W-What do you intend to do? I’m the Goldin family’s heiress! My family won’t let you off if anything happens to me!” Putting on a brave front, Helena tried to threaten them.

“The Goldin family?” Karl sniggered.

“Do you believe that even if I finish you off now, your dad won’t have the audacity to even make a fuss?” he rebuked.
The man who had spent his whole life going through numerous life-and-death moments was infuriated by the young girls impudence.

In the next second, two men in black stepped forward to lift the young girl in the air effortlessly.

“Argh! Help! Help! Lady Adalyn, help me!” Feeling a rush of utter fear, Helena shrieked hysterically. She had no choice but to seek help from Adalyn.

After hesitating momentarily, Adalyn tried to rectify the situation by asking, “Sir, where are you planning to bring her? Are you heading for the police station?”

However, Karl only snickered. “No. Ms. Vivian’s father instructed us to bring her back.”

His words sent everyone in an instant tizzy. As pin-drop silence ensued in the living room, nobody dared to utter any words again, including Adalyn.

It was because she knew too well about Vivian’s family background. Even if Helena’s father were there, he would not be able to stop them from bringing her back too.

One hour later, the villa was finally in peace again. Thus, Karl went up to check on Vivian.

He knocked on her door lightly and asked, “Ms. Vivian, are you asleep?”

“Not yet, Mr. Frost,” Vivian answered at once. Without hesitation, she got out of her bed and darted forward to open the door.
Karl was relieved that she did not look as bad as he thought.

“Ms. Vivian, I’m sorry for what happened today. It’s my fault. You’ve had a scare due to my negligence,” he apologized awkwardly.

“Mr. Frost, you don’t have to apologize to me. It’s not your fault.” Vivian shook her head hastily and tried to appease him that it had nothing to do with him.

Regardless of anything, she would never blame him. After all, he had been standing on guard to protect her and her two brothers since they were young. How could I blame him for such a trivial matter?

Nevertheless, there was an unmistakable hint of disappointment on her face as she stood at the door with her head lowered.

Sensing her unhappiness, Karl asked in great concern, “Ms. Vivian, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unhappy because of the hiccups during your birthday party just now? If that’s the case, don’t worry. I’ll tell your daddy about it and request him to hold another one for you.”

He presumed Vivian was in low spirits because of the earlier incidents that rained on her parade.

Nevertheless, she only shook her head and tried to reassure him. “It’s not because of that… Well, it’s nothing, actually. Mr. Frost, just go ahead and settle your things. I need to go to bed earlier as I have to wake up early for school tomorrow.”

When she lifted her head again, a faint smile surfaced on her dainty face.

Needless to say, Karl was clueless about the frustration bugging Vivian’s mind.

He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Vivian break into a smile again. After that, he left right away for Miralaea by bringing along a heinous Helena.

Late at night, the villa was back to its usual quiet moments again. The girl who had just turned seventeen years old tossed and turned on her bed for a long time before she finally drifted into sleep.

The following morning, she was awakened by Julia’s, her housemaid’s, voice which sounded from the garden. She heard Julia asking, “Ah! What are these? Are they petals?”

Vivian opened her eyes and looked up silently at the ceiling groggily with dark eye circles.
She only dragged herself up idly when Julia went up to her room to wake her up.
“Julia, have you cleared all the decorations away from the garden?” she asked suddenly.

“Yes, I have cleared everything. Ms. Vivian, you may go and have a look,” Julia replied respectfully, knowing that Vivian was very particular about cleanliness. Hence, she invited Vivian to go and check.

Moments later, Vivian headed toward the garden as suggested by Julia. Besides, she thought of checking on her plants, especially the lily and rhododendron that she brought from her hometown and planted in her garden.

Surprisingly, something caught her eye at once when she stepped into her garden. It was a light purple ribbon under her favorite rhododendron tree. Where is it from?

Vivian picked it up and asked curiously, “Julia, what’s this?”

“Huh?” The housemaid approached her at once and explained warily, “Ms. Vivian, I’m sorry. We actually found a bouquet of withered flowers hung on this tree this morning. Anyway, we had taken it down and thrown it away. But we did not realize this ribbon had dropped from it. Ms. Vivian, I’m really sorry.”

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