Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1576

Chapter 1576 She Wants To Go See Kurt

Last I heard, Vivi got into a fight with Kurt during summer break because he got a little too controlling in some aspects. I thought they already made up by now. Had I known that isn’t the case, I would’ve suggested for Sebby to have Kurt study somewhere else instead!

Right as Sasha was starting to regret her decision, Vivian spoke up all of a sudden.

“No, that’s not it, Mommy! I’m really happy that Kurt is going to study here! I won’t be alone with him around! Could you tell me when he’ll be coming over, Mommy? I want to go see him!”

In just a few minutes, Vivian sounded like a dead person who had come back to life.

Although Sasha found it a little strange, she answered Vivian’s question anyway.

“I think he’ll be handling the registration procedures this Wednesday. Your daddy has taken care of the tuition fees…”

“Okay, got it! Thanks, Mommy!”

Vivian then hung up the phone without even saying goodbye and ran off as quickly as her legs could carry her.
Sasha could only let out a helpless sigh as she placed her phone down.
Oh, well… I’m just glad she’s not upset about it. I guess I don’t have to worry about them being unhappy to see each other!

With that in mind, Sasha went back to what she was doing before the call.

Vivian was finally smiling again when she returned to the classroom, much to the relief of Sonia when she saw her.
“Did something great happen, Vivi? You look really happy!” she asked.

“Yeah! Kurtis going to further his studies here!”

Since Sonia knew Kurt too, Vivian made no attempt to hide it from her at all.

Sonia’s eyes lit up with excitement after she heard the news.

“Really? That’s amazing! I haven’t seen him in a really long time. Honestly, I’m surprised that he’s coming over. Which university did he get into?”

“Atlantius University!” Vivian replied proudly as if she was the one who got into the university instead.

The reason for that was that she genuinely cared about him, so she also shared his feelings of joy and sadness.

Oh my god! Atlantius University is a really prestigious university here in Yartran! Kurt sure is amazing if he managed to get in! Sonia, too, felt really happy at the thought of that.

She was grinning from ear to ear as she said, “In that case, we can have Kurt join us this weekend! Since he’ll be new here, it’d probably do him good to relax for a bit before classes start.”


Vivian was a little convinced by her suggestion.

She’s right! I’ll have more excuses to ask him out on future dates if I can get him to come with us this weekend! It’d be awkward if I just show up at his university all of a sudden, after all!

Just like that, the two decided to go visit Kurt at Atlantius University in three days and bring him to the farm during the weekend.
It was a perfect plan, and Vivian finally stopped moping around as she looked forward to seeing him.

In fact, she got so excited about it that she could barely sleep at all.

Sonia headed over to her house really early on Thursday and called out to her at the door, “Hey, Vivi! I’m outside your door! Are you ready to leave the house yet?”

Vivian soon came running downstairs wearing a nice dress and a handbag over her shoulder.

She looked so pretty that even Sonia found herself captivated and stared at her with her mouth wide open.

Vivian had on a khaki dress that she had made herself. Although the color looked a little mature for her age, the sleeves and collar were decorated with light blue pearls which highlighted her fair complexion and exquisite facial features.

In fact, it even added an air of elegance to her appearance.

Noticing Sonia staring at her in silence, Vivian instantly lost whatever confidence she had built up.

“What’s wrong? Does it look ugly? I’ll go put on another dress right away!”

She was very conscious about the dress because she had designed it specifically for this little reunion of theirs.

Sonia quickly grabbed her by the arm and reassured her, “No, that’s not it, Vivi. I was stunned because of how amazing it looks! Where did you buy this dress? I want to get myself one too!”

Although Vivian didn’t say anything in response, she felt really relieved to hear that.
The two of them then took a bus to the nearest train station and began their journey to Atlantius University from there.
Despite her status as the daughter of a wealthy family, Vivian never acted like one whenever she was out and about.

Instead, she preferred to use public transportation such as buses and trains like most other people, a practice which even Sebastian found to be impressive.

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