Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1578

Chapter 1578 Meeting Kurt At Last

“We’re looking for a guy named Kurt Lopez. He recently enrolled in architecture here. Where can we find the faculty for that course of study?” Vivian finally spoke up.

Her voice was mellow, and her hair was tied in pigtails that rested against her chest, revealing her exquisite facial features that resembled a pretty porcelain doll.

The two guys found themselves captivated by her beauty, and even the blonde girl was a little taken aback.
“The architecture building is that way. Come on, I’ll take you two there.”

“Okay! Thank you, miss!” Vivian said politely as she followed behind them.

As the campus was really huge, both Vivian and Sonia were sweating all over by the time they arrived at the building about twenty minutes later.

“All right. That building over there is the one you’re looking for. You girls can go on ahead now.”

The blonde girl didn’t want to go any further, as she noticed the two guys had their eyes fixated on Vivian the whole time.

Just like that, the three students left while Vivian and Sonia made their way toward the building.

Sure enough, they saw the word “Architecture” written on the wall as soon as they reached the entrance.

Noticing a university staff ushering in the freshmen, Vivian ran up to her excitedly and asked, “Hi, has a student named ‘Kurt Lopez’ enrolled here recently?”

“Kurt Lopez?”

The university staff began checking the records after hearing the name.

Seconds later, she shook her head and said, “Nope. Are you certain that he is in this course?”

Vivian was sure that she had the right course, as her mother had provided her with that information.
However, the staff member’s response instantly extinguished the flames of hope and excitement in her heart.

“Don’t worry, Vivi. It’s still early right now. Maybe Kurt hasn’t arrived yet. I mean, he is flying all the way from your home country, so maybe we can wait for him here or something,” Sonia reassured her.

“Yeah, that’s probably the case,” Vivian agreed.

With that, the two of them sat down at a bench nearby and patiently waited for Kurt’s arrival.

The hours soon came to pass, and the staff member had already gone home at nightfall, but Kurt was still nowhere in sight.
“He’s not coming…”

Having spent the entire day waiting, Vivian buried her face in her hands and began crying on the spot.

Sonia reached out and hugged her tightly as she consoled her, “Now, now, Vivi… Maybe he got caught up with something today.
Why don’t we head back first, okay? You can ask your mommy and daddy what happened before we come here again.”

After what seemed like forever, Vivian finally stopped crying and slowly got to her feet.

She wasn’t dressed warmly enough, nor did she have anything to eat since morning.

Is he really just caught up with something? I don’t think so. I would’ve believed Sonia if she told me that earlier in the afternoon, but it just doesn’t sound convincing at all now. I guess it’s about time I stop being so naive. He told me during summer that he

wouldn’t see me ever again. He said he’d ask Daddy to transfer him somewhere else so he wouldn’t get in my way anymore. If that’s the case, then it is possible that he chose to give up on studying at this university because of me!

Vivian thought to herself as the two of them made their way out of the campus.

She kept her head low the whole time, and her tears never stopped falling.

Sonia was about to try and comfort her when she noticed a figure walking in their direction up front.

His hoodie highlighted his slim and tall figure, and he was carrying a canvas bag over his shoulder.

“Ah? Sonia exclaimed.

Vivian looked up in response, and she squinted her teary eyes as she tried to get a better look at the figure that stood before her.
Wait a minute… That’s Kurt!

He had grown a lot taller during their period of separation, and his facial features looked a lot more exquisite as well. The dim lighting in the area cast a lonely shadow on the ground behind him, further intensifying the icy-cold aura that he emanated.

A look of surprise filled his eyes as well when he realized it was Vivian standing in front of him.

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