Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1580

Chapter 1580 In A Good Mood The morning sun that day had been particularly bright.

After several rainy days, the sun had finally emerged from the clouds. Its luminous rays painted the clouds golden and shone onto the city skyline. The entire landscape looked as though it was bathed in sunlight.

It was truly a sight to behold.
Vivian blinked her eyes to clear her fuzzy mind, and she took a look at the young man under the sunlight.

When the young man sat next to her, she saw his long, thick lashes and the faint glow radiating from his pale skin. Under the dazzling sunlight, his lashes cast shadows on his face.

His breathtaking beauty left Vivian momentarily stunned.

When she finally regained her senses, Vivian hurriedly averted her eyes away from him.

At that moment, she felt as if her heart was in her mouth. Vivian didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly. Instead, she clutched her backpack to her chest and stared ahead.

All of a sudden, she didn’t feel unwell anymore.
Instead, Vivian now felt extremely rejuvenated.
After he sat down next to her, the bus continued to move at an average pace.

Throughout the bus ride, the duo remained so silent that one could hear a pin drop. Despite being familiar with each other, Vivian and Kurt did not utter a single word. They didn’t even exchange eye contact.

The awkward atmosphere made it seem like they were nothing but a pair of strangers.

Vivian clenched her fists so tightly that her fingertips turned pale. Although she wanted to say something, her reserved nature prevented her from initiating the conversation.

Hence, Vivian kept her mouth shut until the bus arrived at her school.

‘I-’’ll be getting off now,” she muttered disappointedly. She had been waiting for Kurt to talk to her, but the latter merely remained silent all the way.

The only reply she received from Kurt was a slight nod.
His response made it appear as if they were strangers who’d occasionally bumped into each other on the bus.
Promptly, the excitement in Vivian was replaced by disappointment.

Her eyelashes slightly fluttered as she lowered her gaze. Without another word, Vivian grabbed her backpack and rose to her feet.

Upon noticing this, the young man moved aside to let her pass.

Vivian bit down hard on her lower lip. Before she could rush out of the bus, a cold hand gripped her wrist.

Right then, Kurt shoved two small packs of medicine into Vivian’s hand. “Take this thrice a day. Don’t forget to drink more water.” Stunned, Vivian looked at him with widened eyes and stood rooted for quite a while.

“Miss, are you going to get off the bus? I’ll be closing the doors soon,” the bus driver called out when he noticed Vivian’s unmoving figure.

It was only then that Vivian came back to her senses and scrambled out of the bus.

Although Vivian had gotten off the bus, her bright eyes remained fixated on the bus as the bus drove off. Her heart pounded against her chest erratically.

It turns out that he knew about my fever. He even came all the way here to give me medicine.

Finally, Vivian’s mood brightened. She gazed at the medicine in her hand as though they were the world’s most precious jewels.
That morning, Vivian attended the school in a good mood.

When Sonia met up with Vivian, she instantly noticed that her best friend was in a good mood.

Sonia had been worried about Vivian, but after she saw a happy Vivian, she couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Vivi, why are you so happy? Did your fever subside?”

“Nope, I brought along my medicine.” Vivian continued to beam as she showed Sonia the two medicinal sachets cupped in her palms.

Sonia was rendered speechless. Medicine? Didn’t the doctor give her a shot yesterday? Why did she bring this along with her? Furthermore, I can’t tell why Vivi is so happy over two mere packets of medicine.

Vivian’s behavior left Sonia utterly befuddled. Sonia kept an eye on Vivian that day and realized that the latter was doing fine.

Well, it looks like Vivi is perfectly fine now. Did those medicines miraculously heal her from her fever? Sonia shook her head and let out a sigh of relief.

Since the weekend was just around the corner, Amelia, who had asked them out to the farm this weekend, came looking for them to confirm their attendance.

“I’m fine with it. However, I’m not sure if Vivi will go. I’ll let you know after asking her about it,” Sonia replied.

She was afraid that Vivian might bail on their plans because she had fallen out with Kurt the day before. Furthermore, Kurt and Vivian were supposed to go together.

“Vivi, are you still planning to go to the farm this weekend?” Sonia asked once she found Vivian.
“Oh?” Vivian who was doing her revision looked up at her. The farm…

Vivian hesitated for a brief moment. A dark expression loomed over her face. I want to go to the farm. But I bet he won’t be willing to tag along. He wasn’t even willing to show up when I waited for him yesterday. Kurt probably wouldn’t have boarded the bus if I hadn’t fallen sick. He probably just wanted to give me the medicine.

A seventeen-year-old girl like Vivian tended to overthink. In the span of a few minutes, her mood took a drastic change.
As a result, Vivian remained gloomy until school was over.
“Vivi, are you planning to go home today?” Sonia asked in surprise when she noticed Vivian packing her bag.

Because they were both staying at the dorm, Sonia and Vivian usually only returned home once a week. However, Vivian had already left the dorm to look for Kurt the day before.

Sonia couldn’t exactly wrap her head around Vivian’s actions.

Nevertheless, Vivian offered no explanation. After school, she hurried home.

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