Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1581

Chapter 1581 Worried About Her Similarly, the housemaid was surprised to see Vivian at the villa.
“Ms. Vivian, why did you come home? Are you feeling unwell?” “Yeah…” Vivian averted her eyes from the housemaid’s worried gaze and nodded.

Without waiting for a reply, Vivian headed upstairs and spent the rest of the night in her room. No one knew what was going on with her. On the next day, the housemaid realized that Vivian’s condition had worsened.

“Ms. Vivian, why are you coughing?”

“Huh?” Before Vivian could explain, she uncontrollably coughed non-stop.

Seeing this, the housemaid was about to contact Vivian’s teacher. She thought that Vivian should spend the rest of the day resting at home.

But when Vivian learned of this, she snatched the phone out of the housemaid’s grip. “I’m not going to apply for a leave. I’m all right. Besides, I have an important class that I need to attend today!”


“Don’t worry. Could you please prepare breakfast for me? I’m going to school after taking my breakfast,” Vivian interjected.
Hurriedly, she put down the phone and pushed the housemaid out of her room.

After scarfing down her breakfast, she quickly headed out with her backpack over her shoulders.

She waited expectantly for Kurt as the bus made its way to the city center. However, even after the bus had arrived at the city center, Kurt did not show up. Vivian’s hopes were crushed.

Wearing a mask, Vivian huddled in the corner of the bus, and tears began to well up in her eyes.

Finally, she got off the bus when she arrived at the school. Although Vivian was hit with a flurry of sniffles and coughs, no one showed up to express their concern. In the end, she trudged to school with a heavy heart.

Even during lessons, Vivian found it impossible to focus on her study.

Her gloomy demeanor worried Sonia. “Vivi, what’s the matter? Did your sickness get even worse? I thought you had recovered yesterday.”

Sonia placed her hand on Vivian’s forehead. Immediately, she was shocked by how warm Vivian’s skin felt.

Vivian merely rested her head on the table without answering her. The gloomy mood that plagued her two days ago had returned.

In the end, Sonia could only watch on helplessly.

During recess, Sonia could no longer watch on. She planned to drag Vivian to the school’s infirmary. She could not bear to see Vivian in such a dreary state any longer.

At that moment, one of their fellow classmates approached them. “Vivian, someone’s outside looking for you.” “Huh?” Vivian looked up with a confused look.
Likewise, Sonia was equally puzzled.

Outside? Where? Is that person outside the class or campus?

Hand in hand, the duo went outside to have a look. At the entrance, they caught sight of a tall young man waiting for Vivian.

Sonia was stunned by his sudden appearance.

Meanwhile, Vivian’s tired eyes widened when she saw him. She froze on the spot.

Sonia was right. That person was Kurt.

As usual, Kurt still wore a hoodie and canvas bag. Yet, there was a grim look on his face at that moment. His face darkened when he noticed Vivian’s flushed cheeks.

“Let’s go. I’m taking you to the hospital,” he stated curtly.

“What?” Vivian and Sonia were taken aback.

Their reactions caused Kurt to scowl. “Sonia, please help her apply for a sick leave.”

“Huh? Oh, s-sure!” Sonia stammered. If my memory serves me right, it’s the first time he has ever addressed me. I can’t believe he remembers my name.

Before she could react, Kurt had already grabbed Vivian’s hand and dragged her away.

Vivian followed him and got into the car. Her thoughts were still so muddled that she couldn’t think straight.

Throughout their entire journey to the hospital, not a single word slipped past Kurt’s lips.

Around twenty minutes later, they finally arrived at the hospital’s entrance. Kurt paid the fare and held Vivian’s hand before they got out of the car.

When Vivian felt the warmth of his palm pressed against hers, her heart skipped a beat.
Her mind went blank instantly.

Prior to their little spat, Vivian had used to hold Kurt’s hand like this too. Back then, she had never thought much about their intimacy. In fact, she had thought that she was holding Kurt’s hand just like how she held her brothers’.

But when Kurt held her hand, Vivian had a different feeling. She realized that she didn’t treat him as her brother.
Deep down, she was as happy as a lark.

At the same time, Vivian felt as though she had regained what she’d lost previously.

Vivian bit her lip as she stared at their hands. Overwhelmed by the happiness surging in her, she got teary-eyed.
With a low voice, he asked her, “Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

“Yeah.” Vivian looked up at Kurt with teary eyes.

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