Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1583

Chapter 1583 Pride And Innocence Kurt and Vivian took a cab back to her villa that afternoon.

The atmosphere was nowhere near as awkward as before. Vivian was uncharacteristically silent during the ride, biting her lip from time to time.

Kurt noticed her behavior and repeatedly asked if she was feeling uncomfortable.
Vivian hastily shook her head in response.

Unbeknownst to him, she was hatching up a plan to keep him around.

Do I pretend to be sick? No, that’s too unrealistic. The maids in the house will do a better job of taking care of me. Hmm. What excuse can I use then?

Vivian was frustrated.

By the time they arrived at the villa, she had come to the demoralizing conclusion that his departure was imminent.
To no one’s surprise, Kurt made no move to leave the cab as he said, “We’re here. You can head inside.”

Vivian paused in thoughtful silence as she remained seated in the cab. A faint blush colored her cheeks, and she blurted, “Aren’t you coming in too?”

“What?” Kurt was understandably perplexed.

Vivian closed her eyes, steeling her nerves before uttering pettily, “I want you to send me inside. You’re my bodyguard now, and you have to obey all my orders.”

Kurt stared at her wordlessly for several seconds before alighting from the cab.

Vivian kept her eyes shut until she heard him close the car door. Then, she collected herself and exited through the other side of the cab, her heart racing a mile a minute.

She was elated that her plan had worked.

Assuming the role of a boss had Kurt tailing her obediently like a shadow. He seemed to be taking her words a touch too seriously as he continued to follow her even after entering the villa.

Vivian was exasperated.
I just wanted him to come in. He doesn’t need to follow me to every comer of the house.
She began feeling uncomfortable after Kurt showed no signs of leaving her alone.

Eventually, she stammered, “Y-You don’t need to follow me around the house. Just wait in the living room. We can eat together when the kitchen has finished cooking.” She even avoided his gaze as she prepared to sprint for her room.

Vivian thought she was about to die from mortification.
She was in for a surprise when Kurt caught up to her just as she turned to leave.
He stated woodenly, “This is my duty as a bodyguard.”

His statement felt cold and impersonal, and Vivian found herself at a loss for what to do.

Why is he angry? It’s really scary. Did I say something wrong again?

Vivian had never been a particularly tactful girl, having enjoyed a pampered childhood courtesy of her parents and her two older brothers. As a result, she grew up into an innocent, naive teen.

Kurt’s indecipherable expression confounded her deeply, as did his continued silence.
He stared forward indifferently, and his expression was frosty and unapproachable.
Vivian quivered in anxiety, her eyes beginning to well with tears.

Finally, she stared into his eyes and exploded, “Go now. If you don’t want to stay here, then leave. I won’t force you to stay or pester you any longer. I will never bother you in the future either, and you’re free to do whatever you please. Happy?”

She clutched her bag to her chest like a shield and sped for her room.
Kurt froze in shock.

He could not deny that he had acted coolly toward her, yet his heart clenched at the sight of a tearful Vivian running for her room.

A weird feeling assailed his chest when she said she would no longer pester or bother him in the future.
He forced his legs to move and caught up to her right before she entered her room.

“That’s not what I meant,” he uttered, grabbing her wrist to halt her.

Vivian stopped running and turned to look at him.

Her face had gone splotchy with tears. She had never felt this humiliated in the seventeen years of her life.
She sniffled a few times as she waited for him to speak.

Meanwhile, Kurt was struggling to come up with an explanation for his earlier hostility.

The sight of her tearful face felt like a stab straight to his heart.

Why did I take out my anger on her? She doesn’t know a thing. If she knew any better, I wouldn’t be living like this over the past five years.

Kurt pursed his lips before saying, “That’s not what I meant. I just wanted to see you safely to your room.” Vivian continued to stare at him, valiantly trying to blink away her tears. Alas, two fat tears rolled down her face.
Kurt stiffened and averted his gaze.

He was too stubborn and proud to admit to Vivian that he had been upset earlier. I guess that makes me similar to her father in some ways. Ah well, I’d sooner bow to her every demand than attempt to explain my earlier behavior.

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