Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1585

Chapter 1585 Please “Vivi! We’re-” They were trying to shout for Vivian to let her know they had arrived.

However, they were interrupted when they saw a figure standing in the garden of the villa. The figure turned around toward them coldly.

Everyone was stunned.
At that moment, they all felt a cold chill down their spines as the atmosphere turned ever so mystifying.

Who is that? Why is he so intimidating?

None of them dared to utter another word.

Upon taking another look, Sonia finally recognized the beautiful face the young man had. Suddenly, she felt her heart racing, and she ran toward him.

“Kurt, it’s you! Are you here to find Vivi as well?” she asked when she reached him.

The young man didn’t answer her.

Instead, he took a cold glance at the other students behind her and asked, “What are they doing here?”

“Oh!” Sonia exclaimed and explained hastily, “They’re my classmates. Kurt, are you coming along with Vivi to go visit Amelia’s grandma’s farm for harvesting? We’ve told her about it that day.”

“Harvest?” Kurt furrowed his brows sternly.

Fortunately, Sonia was used to his cold attitude.

Hence, instead of answering him, she shouted for Vivian again. “Vivi, are you ready? We’re waiting for you.”

Still upset, Vivian finally made her way out. But as soon as she stepped out, she saw the young man standing at the entrance of the villa and went silent.

“Finally, you’re out! Vivi, Kurt is here. Didn’t you tell him about our farm visit? Does he not know?” Sonia asked.
“Huh?” Vivian was still too emotional to regain her senses.

After a while, she snapped out of her trance when Kurt gazed at her with his narrowed eyes.

“Yes, Kurt. W-We’re going to Amelia’s grandma’s farm to harvest today. D-Do you want to come along?”

“No!” Kurt unhesitantly rejected. Harvest farm goods? Is that what she wants to do? She has been such a princess all her life.
Her grandpa would even be mad if she ever washed a plate at Oceanic Estate, and she’s going to harvest farm goods now?

Not only did Kurt not want to go, but he also didn’t want Vivian to join the others.

As soon as Vivian heard his rejection, she suddenly put on a pitiful expression and pleaded, “Please come along, Kurt. Amelia told us her grandma’s farm is fun! We can feed some fish, row a boat, and harvest some fruits! Please, Kurt!”

She ended up acting coquettishly and held Kurt’s arm to convince him to go along.

Kurt was at a loss for words.

Sonia and the others were also stumped by what they were seeing.

Indeed, everyone was jealous of Kurt because although Vivian was known to be a dainty girl at school, she had always kept a distance from people of the opposite gender.

Because of that, she was close with all her schoolmates.

However, none of them had ever seen her acting that way. The girls at the scene were all caught by surprise.

As for the two boys, they could only envy from afar while wishing they were Kurt. How I wish she could hold my arm instead! In the end, Kurt agreed to go along.

He didn’t expect Vivian to act so flirtatiously with the others around. At that precise moment, it was safe to say that her actions utterly perplexed him. How could I say no to her?

Kurt went silent after that and kept a straight face throughout the whole journey to the farm.

Since there were seven of them, inclusive of Vivian and Kurt, they had to split into two groups and go in two cars. Fortunately for them, two of the boys were old enough to drive.

Amelia and Mona were in the first car while Sonia, Kurt, and Vivian were in the second.

“Sonia, don’t we need to bring something along to visit Amelia’s grandma?” Since she was young, Vivian was taught not to go visit someone empty-handed.

Sonia couldn’t make up her mind. “About that…”

Suddenly, the boy who was driving blurted, “There’s no need to worry. Someone has already brought something along. Later, all we need to do is to chip in for the presents.”

Upon hearing that, Vivian and Sonia didn’t comment further.
As for Kurt, he had never been one to dwell on such a thing.

Two hours later, they had finally arrived at Amelia’s grandma’s farm. However, they were surprised when they saw a guy coming out of the first car who they didn’t see at the villa.

“Isn’t that Dwayne? Why is he here?”

“Yes, that’s him. But what is he doing here?” Vivian’s expression turned sullen as she shifted her gaze toward Kurt, who was getting out of the car.

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