Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1586

Chapter 1586 Panicked

As she expected, Kurt’s cool and collected expression immediately changed upon hearing that name. His eyes squinted, and suddenly, a wave of icy aura was emitted around his body.

Vivian panicked and dashed toward Kurt before holding his arm again.
The latter lowered his gaze in response.

“You must believe me, Kurt! I didn’t know he’d be here today! No one mentioned him when we were planning for this trip!” Vivian anxiously explained to avoid any sort of misunderstanding.

Kurt looked at her and unknowingly toned down his icy aura.

Nonetheless, Dwayne had already spotted them and walked over to them. “Hi, Vivi! You guys are here! Wait, isn’t that-” Dwayne was over the moon when he saw Vivian there. However, he stopped talking and froze when he saw the young man standing right beside her.

Upon seeing that, Vivian held Kurt’s arm ever so tightly and introduced the young man curtly, “Yes, this is Kurt. Why are you here as well, Dwayne? Amelia didn’t mention you were coming as well.”

She was eager to draw a line between Dwayne and herself after what happened half a year ago.

Kurt pursed his lips after hearing Vivian’s words.

Instinctively, his gaze softened.
Dwayne was caught by surprise by Vivian’s directness. Suddenly, he lost all his skills of socializing and stood still awkwardly.

“Well, my family is a stakeholder in this farm. So when my dad heard about the harvesting, he needed to know the progress over the past year,” explained Dwayne after he quickly came to his senses.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason he was there was that he knew both the boys who were there that day.

Also, one of the three girls present, Amelia, was very fond of him. Hence, she agreed straight away when he told her he wanted to tag along without consulting Vivian.

“Yes, Vivi. Dwayne came because he wanted to see the progress made on the farm. This is completely coincidental. Please don’t be mad,” Amelia explained.

The other two boys quickly nodded in agreement.

Since it was concurred by them, Sonia and Vivian didn’t question further.

As for Kurt, he couldn’t help but glare coldly at the foreign student. Without saying a word, his stare was enough to petrify Dwayne as the latter turned his head to avoid him.

What a weird kid! Isn’t he only younger than me by three to four years? Why is he so vicious? He’s even more annoying now compared to half a year ago.

With that, Dwayne didn’t dare to go near Vivian anymore. Along with the two boys and Amelia, they walked toward the farm.
Seeing that, Sonia walked up to Vivian and asked, “Vivi, are we still going in?”

“We’ll do as Kurt says! If he says no, then we shall head back at this instant!” Much to everyone’s surprise, Vivian was willing to do as the young man in her arms wished.

Sonia couldn’t help but chuckle in response.

On the other hand, Kurt blushed and looked the other way embarrassingly. “Do as you like. You don’t have to ask me.”

“But, are you going?” Vivian leaned closely toward him and asked affectionately. She was so near to him that he could feel her breath on his neck.

Kurt was rendered speechless as he gritted his teeth.

Out of a sudden, he lifted her up effortlessly and walked toward the farm.

“Hey! Why are you carrying me like you’re my daddy? My daddy used to carry me like this when I was little. I’m not a purse! Put me down, Kurt!”

“Shut up!” he retorted back domineeringly.

Behind them, Sonia gaped in astonishment as she watched them go. What a bizarre way to make an entrance! Damn! Don’t they know I’m single? Why are they trying to display affection in front of me?

Sonia had no choice but to make her way toward the farm on her own.

Unlike the other countries where farmers only produce for their own consumption, farms in Yartran were industrialized. These farmers would often purchase a big piece of land and sell off their produce.

Amelia’s grandma was doing exactly that. That year, not only was the farm harvesting potatoes, but they also invested in fish harvesting. Hence, they had a huge lake on the farm. According to Sonia, they could row and catch the fish in the lake while they were there.

“Okay. Now that we’re here, we should start assigning tasks! Amelia’s grandma said our activities today should comprise harvesting potatoes and catching fish! Besides that, we can even milk the cows.”

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