Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1587

Chapter 1587 Drooling

“I want to milk the cows!” Mona excitedly put up her hand and told them she’d milk the cows with her boyfriend.
Apparently, one of the boys on the trip was her boyfriend.

With that task out of the way, potatoes and fish were the only options left.

As the host, Amelia shifted her gaze toward the rest and asked, “Sonia and Vivi, what would you guys like to do?”

“I want to go fishing with Vivi! We’re looking forward to rowing a boat,” Sonia immediately answered because she knew how much Vivian was looking forward to it.

Vivian got excited when she heard that. “Yes, Sonia, Kurt, and I will go catch some fish.”

“All right, then. Dwayne and Levi, please follow me. We shall harvest the potatoes.” Amelia had an apologetic look on her face as she looked at Dwayne.

That was because she planned to go fishing with him on the beautiful lake. How romantic it’d be to row and fish with him!

Right after Amelia’s words, Dwayne cleared his throat and halted Sonia in her tracks. “Sonia, do you guys know how to row a boat?”

“Huh?” Sonia was puzzled. He’s right! I have no idea how to do that! When she turned and wanted to consult the other two, she saw that Kurt and Vivian had already walked away excitedly. In fact, each of them had fishing nets and fishing jumpsuits in their hands, respectively.

“How about this? I’ll tag along. Considering how Vivian was brought up, I doubt she knows anything about rowing a boat. As for Kurt, he’s just too young. I’ll go along to see if they’re capable. If they are, I’ll leave,” Dwayne suggested out of kindness.

Upon hearing that, Sonia had no reason to reject his suggestion.

When Vivian and Kurt arrived by the lake, they quickly changed and put on their fishing jumpsuits. Suddenly, they saw the tall blonde guy approaching along with Sonia.

“Vivi, Dwayne said he wanted to teach us how to operate the boat,” Sonia uttered.
“A-All right, then.” Vivian agreed reluctantly.
Kurt didn’t protest.

After a few minutes, they all got onto the boat. By then, they’d just realized that instead of rowing with oars, the boat had an engine on it.

“Thank goodness you’re here with us, Dwayne! Otherwise, we wouldn’t know how to operate it.” Sonia was full of gratitude as she watched Dwayne start the engine.

In response, Dwayne flashed her a smile. “Don’t mention it. Since I visit here often, I saw this coming. Sit tight, everyone! We’ll leave soon.”

Then, he went back to preparing the boat for the fishing trip.

Seeing that, Vivian was getting moody and worried. It seems like he’s going to be with us throughout the trip!

“Kurt?” she blurted.

“Could you please find some new ropes? The ones in this net are on the verge of snapping.” As he was wearing the fishing jumpsuit and holding the fishing net, Kurt finally took off his hoodie. As a result, his thick, silky black hair was exposed. It was mesmerizingly shiny under the blazing sun.

Vivian was flabbergasted. When she was passing the new ropes to Kurt, her eyes were fixed on his facial features. What a pair of beautiful eyes! He looks like a flawless character out of novels! That fair and delicate face, dazzling eyes, and those eyelashes! Wow! How I wish I could put my hands on them!

In fact, that was exactly what she did.

Instead of passing him the ropes, her soft fingers gently touched his face when he was about to raise his gaze toward her.
Kurt was rendered speechless.

At that moment, it was as if time itself had come to a standstill. They stared at each other affectionately, just inches apart. In fact, they were so close to each other that Kurt could clearly see his reflection through her crystal clear eyes.

Dwayne and Sonia were bewildered.
After more or less ten seconds, Dwayne had finally regained his composure and started the engine with a grouchy expression.
Instantly, the boat rocked. Vivian was thrown toward Kurt’s chest after she let out a scream.

To Kurt’s surprise, he instinctively held her tightly in his arms the moment she was thrown at him. Without the slightest hint of awkwardness, he had even held and pressed her head against his chest. Everything happened so fast that his response was almost like a reflex.

In actuality, it was only natural for them to act that way with each other. After all, they were a pair of childhood sweethearts.
After about ten minutes, they arrived at the center of the lake.
“We’re here! Finally, we can start catching fish!” Vivian was full of excitement.

At that moment, she was in a phenomenal mood. Not only was she about to fish, but also because Kurt didn’t shove her away, nor did he get mad at her for touching his eyes.

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