Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1589

Chapter 1589 Buzzkill The next thing Dwayne felt was a hand forcefully grabbing onto his head.

While still in the water, he felt a throbbing pain on the top of his head. Before he could react, Kurt violently pushed him into the water while also getting into the water himself.

“Ah!” He started convulsing vigorously underwater.

As fear crept upon him, he struggled with all his might as he tried to break free by shaking off the hand on his head. While doing that, he shouted for help.

Little did he know, the young man wasn’t a typical boy that he could bully and get away with it.

When Kurt was only ten, he managed to fight off a group of thugs right outside his school. There was no way Dwayne was strong enough to break free from Kurt.

Meanwhile, fury and anger welled up within Kurt. I’m going to drown you in the lake!

Suddenly, a girl’s voice was heard coming from the other end of the boat. “Kurt! What are you doing, Kurt? Let him go! Kurt!” That voice belonged to Vivian. Finally, the girls had realized the commotion.

Vivian threw aside whatever was in her hands and rushed toward them. She shouted in shock when she saw both of them in the water.

Sonia reacted the same way.

The moment Kurt heard Vivian’s voice, the murderous aura from his body gradually dispersed.

After a few minutes, he managed to get back onto the boat. As for Dwayne, he needed Sonia and Vivian to drag him out of the water. After that, he lay down in the boat weakly.

“A-Are you okay, Dwayne?” Vivian was worried when she saw how disheveled he was.

Obviously, she wasn’t worried about Dwayne per se, but the trouble Kurt would be in if anything bad happened. She was well aware of the fact that Dwayne came from a formidable family as well.

Regardless of her intention, Dwayne suddenly felt a rush of energy when he mistook her words for consolation.

“Vivi, I didn’t do anything wrong! AllI did was say a few words to him, and the next thing I knew, he shoved me into the water. Is this how your bodyguard should act? Why is he so against me? Is it because he’s still not happy about us taking photos together half a year ago?” Dwayne grumbled.

Upon hearing that, Kurt clenched his injured fingers in anger.

As for Sonia, she was taken aback as a series of questions ran through her mind. Bodyguard? Kurt? Is Kurt really Vivi’s bodyguard? How could that be? Before this, he went to the same school as us! This time around, he’s also studying at Atlantius University. How could he be Vivi’s bodyguard?

Baffled, she gazed toward her friend standing right beside her.
At that moment, Vivian’s expression changed dramatically.

She stood up abruptly. Suddenly, the little girl who always had a mild temperament was nowhere to be seen. Her eyes filled with rage, and she said, “Dwayne, Kurt is not my bodyguard. H-He’s a part of our family. Since we grew up together, he’s like a brother to me! My family had never treated him as an outsider.”

Everyone went silent.

Her words got everyone gapping in disbelief, especially Dwayne.
As for Kurt, he could only look at Vivian in bewilderment. Family? What? Did she say I’m a part of her family? He was rooted to the ground for a long time.

Soon after, they brought the boat back. That was when Amelia and Mona rushed toward them and asked what had happened.
Apparently, they saw everything, although they were on dry land.

Unfortunately, Vivian wasn’t in the mood to talk to any of them.

Since she was a very even-tempered girl with a passive attitude, almost all of her friends took her for a fool. But contrary to what they thought of her, she was actually a smart girl.

“Kurt, let’s leave here. There’s an assignment I need to complete.” Vivian didn’t want Kurt to face the questions that the others were about to ask him. Hence, she decided to leave with him.

Again, Kurt was stunned by Vivian’s actions. Why would she side with me? Doesn’t she find me nosy anymore?

Kurt then pursed his lips slightly. “Oh, okay.”

With that, Vivian was ready to leave.

Amelia, who was nearby, ran quickly toward her. “Vivi! Are you guys leaving already? We’ve only been here for less than two hours! In fact, we’re just getting started.”

“Yes, we are. I’m sorry, Amelia. I just remembered about an assignment which I have to complete. Kurt will follow me back.
Sonia, how about you? Do you want to go with me?” Vivian gazed toward Sonia.

Sonia was also a sensible girl. Besides, she saw what happened while they were on the boat. Frankly, her impression of Dwayne had worsened after that episode.

In the end, Sonia decided to follow Vivian and Kurt.
As for the people they left behind at the farm, none of them was happy to see them leave, especially Dwayne.

“Dwayne, what should we do now? You’ve gone through all the preparations for the trip for Vivian. Yet, everything was ruined by that kid.” One of the boys was livid.

The other added, “Exactly! That kid is such an annoying buzzkill. As long as he’s around, I don’t think there’s a chance for you to make a move on Vivian, Dwayne.”

As soon as he heard their comments, Dwayne narrowed his darkened eyes.
‘If that’s the case, I guess we have to get rid of him,” Dwayne said casually after a long stare.
Instantly, the facial expressions of both the boys turned grim.

“Get rid of him? But he’s part of the Hayes family. What is going to happen to us if we lay a finger on him? Will the Hayeses come after us?” one of them queried.

“You’re overthinking. He’s only a bodyguard for the Hayeses. I don’t think they’d mind losing one bodyguard.” Dwayne’s voice was full of mockery.

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