Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1590

Chapter 1590 Trap That day, Vivian and Kurt didn’t leave the villa after heading back.
When the weekend was over, Kurt was leaving for class.

“Kurt, if y-you’d like to come during the weekdays, y-you’re welcome. I’d be here.” Vivian gathered all her courage as she said with her blushing cheeks.

Kurt stopped in his tracks abruptly. Atlantius is so far from here! It’d take more than two hours by train, and after that, I’d still need to take a bus. If I were to come by every day after class, I’d only reach here late at night!

However, his heart was melting by the second as he stood there. Knowing that Vivian was looking forward to seeing him every day, he started blushing as well.


He agreed regardless of the trouble he’d have to go through every night.

Vivian was over the moon after that. This is perfect! Now, I’d get to see him every day! That day, with a backpack on her back, she couldn’t help but keep smiling all the way to school.

That was when Sonia bumped into her at the school’s entrance. Upon seeing how good of a mood Vivian was in, she asked, “Did something good happen? Why do you look so happy so early in the morning?”

Unsure of what to say, Vivian simply lowered her head shyly in response.

‘It’s nothing. I was just thinking about how close we are to completing the design of Lady Adalyn’s dress! I’m so excited.”

“Oh, that’s true!” Sonia just remembered something. “I’d forgotten about the purse I have to design for her! Let’s go inside. We’re racing against time!”

And so, the pair of good friends held hands as they walked toward their school.

Upon arriving in the classroom, their teacher went up to them and told them to hurry up because Adalyn’s party was being carried forward.

Bath of them were getting anxious because they were running out of time.

Throughout the day, they were both busy with designing tasks. In the afternoon, Vivian had no choice but to leave the school because she needed to buy some materials to make the dress.

“Where are you going, Vivi? Are you going to buy some materials for the dress?”

To Vivian’s surprise, she bumped into Amelia and her boyfriend in a car outside the school entrance.

Vivian had no idea why they were there. So, she asked, “Yes, I am. What about the two of you?”

“l’m going out with my boyfriend. Hop in, Vivi! We’ll give you a ride,” Amelia responded hastily.

Vivian went silent for a moment.

This is odd. Didn’t they go to the farm together last weekend? I’m sure she was still single at that time. Suddenly they’re a couple now? After hesitating for a while as she looked at the guy, Vivian agreed to follow them.

I better not think too much about another’s personal matters. Also, Amelia is nice to me in class. I don’t think it’s too much of an issue to hitch a ride off them. Vivian then left the school in their car.

‘Vivi, are you making Lady Adalyn’s dress?”

While they were in the car, Amelia saw Vivian busy altering an image on her smartphone.

Vivian nodded in response. “Yes. I heard they’re carrying it forward!”

‘I’ve heard about it as well. I’ve also heard that the party is being organized by the royal family. I bet it’s going to be grand! Vivi, you must do well, okay? Make sure there’s no mistake!”

Unexpectedly, Amelia was very well-informed.
Royal family? Vivian raised her gaze.

If that’s the case, don’t I need materials of higher quality? Why didn’t I think of this? The rhinestones I have now aren’t good enough! The cloth I’m using is too ordinary, I’m afraid.

At that moment, Vivian was starting to panic. “Amelia, m-maybe we shouldn’t go to the wholesale market anymore. Let’s go to Premium Mall instead.”

“Premium Mall?” Amelia shot her boyfriend a look.

After she saw him flashing a smile in response, she nodded and said to Vivian, “All right. Let’s go to Premium Mall then.” “Okay, thanks!” Vivian was full of gratitude.

After that, she continued designing the dress.

Premium Mall was one of the malls selling premium quality goods, albeit pricey.

Normally, students like Vivian would go to a typical wholesale market to buy their materials. That was where Vivian used to go as well.

However, this time around, she needed premium materials to make Adalyn’s dress. She had only been to Premium Mall once or twice before.

As Vivian was focused on designing, she wasn’t aware she was being betrayed by her friend.
Amelia texted Dwayne: Dwayne, Vivi is with us.

Dwayne: Okay. All you need to do is send her there. I’ll take care of the rest.

With that, the car was moving ever faster.

After around twenty minutes, they’d arrived at Premium Mall.

“Vivi, we’re here!”

“Oh, okay. Amelia, I can’t thank you guys enough!” Vivian took her bag before getting out of the car and thanked Amelia.

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