Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1673 What If The Princess Is Too Impressive

Chapter 1673 What If The Princess Is Too Impressive

The king smiled in satisfaction.

Hence, everyone formally reported the collaboration with the foreign businesses. When Vivian saw that contract, she also took out her laptop from her bag and started verifying the details.

“Mr. King, we’ve also received some contracts that the foreign businesses have sent. According to my previous discussion with them, we will receive 30% of their deposits before providing them with the fabric and silver accessories.”

Looking at her laptop, Vivian started explaining to everyone else in the hall.

However, she directly started off with ‘Mr. King’.

All the other chiefs in the hall broke out in cold sweat.

Meanwhile, the king was stunned when he heard that. He had probably never imagined someone calling him that one day.

“She only uses that address on someone whom she respects. She grew up in a very formidable family, with her father wielding immense power. Hence, she doesn’t really see relationships by status, but rather by seniority.”

Kurt’s voice sounded.

Vivian raised her head and discovered that Kurt was speaking in Elysiumese. However, after he spoke, the king and the other chiefs all revealed a look a revelation.

What are they talking about?

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Vivian looked confused.

“Mr. King?”

“Okay, then. Let’s follow what Vivian said. It’s our first time doing business with outsiders, so let’s follow her instructions,” answered the king with a smile.

Vivian broke out into a grin upon hearing that.

She continued reviewing the contracts on her laptop. After tidying everything up, she took out a calculator from her bag and started pressing the buttons in front of everyone.

“Mr. King, I’ve already calculated everything. If we accept all of the orders and 30% of their deposits, we will receive six million, five hundred and thirty thousand.”

“How much again?”

The king widened his eyes when he heard that.

Meanwhile, the other chiefs held their breaths, wanting to hear the sum clearly.

Sitting there, Vivian grinned brightly before writing a few numbers down on a piece of paper.

“Here! Six million, five hundred and thirty thousand. It’s in Moranta’s currency. After the money is wired here, we still need to convert the currency. According to the current conversion rates, one unit of Moranta’s money can be converted to around six units of your currency. In other words, that’ll be thirty-six million, Mr. King!”

Vivian’s clear and cute voice sounded extremely nice.

She stretched out all of her ten fingers and showed everyone in the hall how much they could earn this time. Everyone was overwhelmed with joy.

Oh my God! More than thirty million? Elysium has never seen so much money!

The king was delighted.

“Are you serious, Princess? Can we receive that much money in one go?”

“Yeah! And it’s only 30% of the total sum. After we deliver our goods, we can receive the remaining 70%. By then, that’ll be hundreds of millions, Mr. King!”

Vivian was happy too.

Having made this collaboration a success, she felt a sense of accomplishment as well. After all, this was her first time doing something for her father.

The atmosphere in the hall immediately became extremely lively. Everyone erupted into cheers, feeling happy and excited about this piece of amazing news.

Naturally, they were very grateful to Vivian.

“Princess, you helped Elysium a lot this time! How would you like me to reward you? I’ll agree to whatever you say.”

The high and mighty king of Elysium, who was fearfully respected by everyone, started referring to himself as ‘Mr. King’.

Sitting there, Vivian blinked her big round eyes. After a while, she pouted. “I’m hungry. Mr. King, can you prepare a feast for me like what you did the other day?”

The hall descended into silence for more than ten seconds.

Even the corners of Kurt’s eyes twitched.

That afternoon, the court prepared a grand feast again. This time, it was for Vivian’s sake.

When Lucy heard that outside, she did not say anything. However, with her head lowered, she glared at the firewood in her hands grimly.

It was as if her gaze was completely devoid of any life.

Like the forbidden Black Marsh of her tribe, her eyes were filled with murderous intent.

“What are you thinking about, Lucy? The princess of the Jadesons is so capable! Girls from outside are so different from girls in our tribe. They can conquer the world!”


“Yeah! Even the king specially hosted a feast for her. This is the first time it happened in Elysium.”

The other court attendants, who were tidying the firewood with her, started discussing this matter enviously.

“Really? If that’s the case, should we nominate her to the king? Should we let the heiress of the Jadesons supervise the goods of our tribe?”


The court attendants raised their heads.

Let her supervise the work? Is that really appropriate? She’s unfamiliar with the tribe’s handicrafts. Also, it wouldn’t be nice for her if those stubborn villagers who still oppose this plan see her.

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