Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1676 Vivian

Chapter 1676 Vivian

“Princess? She went to supervise the work today! Initially, I wanted her to help me choose a suitable material. When she saw that the fabric weaved by the villagers was too rough, she volunteered to stay behind.”

The palace chief had returned for a long time. When he saw that Matteo actually came looking for them, he quickly rushed out and explained to Matteo what happened.

Supervise the work?

When Matteo heard that, a frown immediately appeared on his handsome face.

“Where is she now?”

“At Dragon’s Mouth, where nettles are found.” The palace chief quickly told Matteo the location.

Matteo’s expression turned even uglier when he heard that.

“Let me warn you! You’d better hope that Vivi is fine. Otherwise, I’ll not spare Elysium!” spat Matteo before spinning around and dashing off.

The palace chief was so scared that he broke into cold sweat.

Yeah, how could I forget about it! Vivian is the Princess of the Jadesons! And who are the Jadesons? The people who wield the most power in the nation! Am I dumb? How can I listen to a court attendant’s suggestion?

The chief was in total panic.

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When the news spread to Agarwood Pavilion, Kurt was still doing his homework lazily on the balcony, sitting against the sunset. Lucy was serving him at the side.

When he heard that Vivian had gone missing, he froze while holding the pen.

“How did she go missing?”

“She went to supervise the work and went to look at some nettles at Dragon’s Mouth.”

When the palace guard, who reported the news, saw the menacing expression on the prince’s face, he was so scared that he stuttered.

Lucy chimed in, “Why would she go to supervise the work for no reason? Also, she can just look at the materials in a villager’s house. Why did she go to Dragon’s Mouth?”

The guard was at a loss for words.

As a guard, he did not know how to answer this question.

Kurt sat there grimly. However, instead of reacting agitatedly, he instructed the guard to quickly bring some men to Dragon’s Mouth to search for Vivian.

What a troublesome girl!

At that moment, a girl holding a pot of flowers appeared.

“No, Kurt. That dumb girl didn’t go to Dragon’s Mouth. She probably went to the Styx Forest.”

It was Nina, who had met Vivian in the garden during the day.

Immediately after she spoke, Kurt’s expression changed drastically.

“What did you say? Styx Forest? How did you know about that?”

“I heard Chief Bruce say to that dumb girl that the vines in the Styx Forest are good. Since she’s so dumb, she definitely wants the best,” exposed the seven-year-old child to Kurt directly.

Kurt’s mind went blank.


Before she could finish her sentence, a crisp sound rang across the place.

Kurt was so furious that he broke his pen into half.

“Arrest Bruce and wait for further instructions! If anything happens to Vivian, I’ll make his entire family accompany her to the grave!” spat Kurt viciously, articulating every single word.

Then, he jumped to his feet and dashed away. His menacing aura was almost on par with that of his father’s.

It was terrifying!

The guard groveled on the ground, not daring to make a single sound.

Lucy felt the same too.

Watching as Kurt left with such strong murderous intent, she only dared to raise her pale face after a while. She stared at him fearfully as he rushed down the stairs.

Such immense murderous intent! Could it be that… he still remembers that girl?

She clenched her fists.

Meanwhile, Vivian was inside the Styx Forest.

However, she did not faint from the toxic fumes, nor did she fall into a swamp.

Having read so many books and being reminded by the villagers, she would not fall for those traps so easily. She could not return in time because she had twisted her ankle.

“Are you okay, Princess?” asked the woman from the tribe who had accompanied her there.

When she saw Vivian leaning against the tree and unable to walk, she walked over worriedly.

Vivian shook her head.

“I’m fine. I can walk after a short rest. Oh, right. How many vines have you gathered? Can you show me?”

Even at that point in time, she was still hung up on that.

The woman immediately showed Vivian the vines that she had gathered.

They were very pretty.

Perhaps due to the unique environment, the vines were as beautiful as silk—they were thin and light, with a bit of a fragrance.

Vivian, who was wearing a cloth over half her face to keep the toxic fumes out, looked at the vines happily.

“They’re really good! Let’s gather these tomorrow. We can make some higher-quality goods. In comparison, the nettles are too ordinary. These can sell for a good price!”

“Okay! We’ll do whatever you want us to do!” replied the woman happily.

With that, the both of them prepared to head back.

However, to Vivian’s surprise, just when she was about to lay on the woman’s back, the woman suddenly did something unexpected. As if her ankle had twisted, she flung Vivian off her back.

Underneath her was a swamp that was deep enough to swallow a person wholly without any ripples.

“Argh!” shrieked Vivian in fear.

At the same time, a golden figure appeared at the end of the road. When he saw that scene, he yelled at the top of his lungs, “Vivian!”

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