Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1677 You Still Remember Me

Chapter 1677 You Still Remember Me

Vivian had never been so scared before.

If she were to fall into the swamp underneath, she’d definitely be dead. But I came to Styx Forest prepared! I’ve done my research on toxic air and swamps in the area!

She never expected things to turn out the way they did.

Vivian’s mind blanked out.

That was until she heard an erratic roar over her head. She opened her eyes in fear and saw a bright, pale gold figure. It was as if the figure had descended from heaven and dashed toward her like a gust of strong wind.

Vivian was dumbfounded.

The person held onto her and pulled her forcefully into his embrace. Up until then, she was still in bafflement. It was as if her mind had stopped working. Why is he here?

Finally, she was saved. Kurt couldn’t be bothered by anything else as he anxiously checked her body upon landing on the ground. With a trembling voice, he asked, “Is everything okay? Are you all right?”

He was terrified. What would have happened to her if I were late? Will I ever get to see her again?

He gradually tightened his grip on her slender wrist. At that moment, he couldn’t hide his emotions anymore. A look of panic filled his dazzling face, and even his body was trembling.

Vivian was a little stunned.

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She watched as Kurt kept lowering his gaze to check on her well-being. He’s no longer cold and distant like he was before. Heck, I can even see how nervous he is.

Vivian remained silent for a while before muttering, “I’m fine…”

Finally, she had spoken. Her eyes were reddened. After having experienced such a terrifying incident, she finally managed to calm herself down. She could barely control her emotions when she saw how much Kurt cared for her. I thought he was ignoring me? I thought he has forgotten about me? Why did he come and save me when he has been so cold toward me? Why does he care about me that much?

Vivian stole a glance at him and noticed he wasn’t the same as before. Instead, he was carefully checking her body to see if she was hurt. In fact, the worried and concerned look on his face didn’t look like he was faking it.

Suddenly, her heart started racing. “Kurt?”

Kurt raised his gaze and saw Vivian raising her hand and reaching for his head.

It was pin-drop silence at the scene.

At that moment, it felt as if time had stopped while the air had frozen.

Kurt stared blankly at her while she put her hand on his cheek.

In fact, that was what Vivian used to do all the time. He was brought to Oceanic Estate when they were still little, and Vivian had always been a love-struck fool over him. She’d always drool whenever she saw him.

Besides, touching his cheeks was one of her favorite things to do.

Back then, her mother would always remind her that her action was rude and inappropriate.

However, her mother’s words never worked. She’d always do that to him until she went to Yartran to study. Perhaps, she had grown up by then and realized how inappropriate her actions were.

Since then, she never touched him again.

Until now…

In that foggy jungle, Vivian had teary eyes and a pitiful expression when she asked, “Kurt? You still care about me, right? You still remember me, right?” She stared at that dazzling face in her palm and felt like they had gone back to the time when they were still little.

Kurt kept silent.

At that moment, a hard realization dawned upon him, and he felt as if something had just struck his head forcefully.

He lowered his gaze and stayed still. However, one could see his fingers turning pale upon a closer look. Besides, his face surged with thoughts and emotions. I’ve lost my self-control!

Kurt shut his eyes tightly for a moment and then opened them to reveal a cold glint in his eyes.

He then gradually let go of his hand and pulled himself out of Vivian’s hopeful and excited gaze.

“What are you talking about? I was just performing my duty,” he said.

“What?” Vivian froze. Duty?

She lowered her gaze to look at her other hand, which had lost the warmth from touching him. After that, she raised her gaze in disbelief at the Kurt who had stood up and moved away from her.

“Don’t you understand, Princess? You’re one of the Jadesons. If something were to happen to you here, wouldn’t your dad raze this place to the ground?” He shifted his cold gaze toward her face again.

Just like that, he had gone back to becoming that cold and unapproachable person. It was as if it was a different person who had saved her earlier.

Upon hearing that, Vivian’s face went pale again.

Vivian was filled with utter disappointment and sorrow while looking at him. As despair filled her heart, she had no words to describe how she felt. Instead, she could only let tears stream down her face as she stared at him.

Right then, Matteo had finally found her. “Vivi!” he shouted when he saw the both of them there. After that, he started rushing toward them.

Vivian turned toward the voice the moment she heard it. When she saw it was her brother, she’d finally lost it and burst into tears.

“Matt, I want to go home.” Vivian just kept sobbing.

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