Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1679 Plot

Chapter 1679 Plot

“Since Vivian is okay, we only need to get rid of the Yepalian chief alone. As for the rest, let’s see how they behave after this!” Finally, Kurt had chimed in. Surprisingly, he was defending his brother.

Everyone in the hall looked up in shock and stared at Kurt in bafflement. The king furrowed his brows in puzzlement as well. Why is he doing that?

Indeed, everyone knew the fact that none of the king’s sons liked each other.

All the sons had been eyeing the king’s throne. Over the years, they had been fighting amongst themselves and wanted each other dead. Not only were there a lot of them, but their father’s ruthlessness and violence made the situation even worse.

Hence, they were determined to fight it out to gain the ultimate power over everyone else.

As for Kurt, he had also been trying to sabotage this brother of his. Hence, everyone was curious as to why was he speaking up for the brother.

Even the king’s eldest son had turned around and looked at his youngest brother in puzzlement.

When he looked at Kurt, he noticed there weren’t any changes in Kurt’s mood. Kurt was still as expressionless and cold as usual when he took a seat in his chair.

“Did you say we should spare their lives?” the king asked.

“Well, what’s the point in killing them? Their bones are just going to pollute Black Marsh. If you want to punish them, the best way is to have him clean up the mess he’d made,” Kurt answered.

“What do you mean?” the king asked again.

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“Get them to oversee the operation instead. After this, it’s not too late to kill them if they end up blundering,” Kurt suggested flatly.

His words had caused an uproar in the hall. All the chiefs were in utter disbelief because they didn’t expect a young man like Kurt to be capable of coming up with such a plan.

Similarly, the king was surprised as well. He ended up staring at his youngest son blankly for quite a while.

Indeed, Kurt’s plan was a lot better than just killing them right away. By doing so, the king’s eldest son wouldn’t dare to treat the matter lightly again. At the same time, he’d get to stay alive.

The king mulled over it.

Upon getting back into the main palace, the palace chief was keeping the king company. The king took a sip of his coffee and asked, “What do you think of Kaiden’s suggestion? Is his idea better than mine?”

“What?” The palace chief started to panic. “Why would you say that, Your Majesty? The strict handling method of the tribe is essential because it helps manage the tribe better. Prince Kurt’s suggestion is out of kindness. Perhaps it’s because he can’t bear to watch his brother die.”

“Is that so?”

“Of course. One could tell just by watching how he has been treating his sister ever since his return. That’s why, Your Majesty, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to Prince Kurt. One day, when he’s in your position, he’ll finally realize the importance of your strict handling methods,” the palace chief advised the king cautiously.

Since the palace chief had been the king’s follower for so many years, he knew how paranoid and narrow-minded the king could be. He must be unhappy with his youngest son now. After all, kindness is the biggest counter against ruthlessness and violence.

Upon leaving the main palace, the palace chief hurried toward Agarwood Pavilion to look for Kurt, who was out of line with his father.

“Prince Kurt, you shouldn’t have interrupted your dad just now, and you shouldn’t have said those words.”

“Why not?” Kurt was sitting at his desk after he showered and changed.

His short and dark hair was still a little damp, and he was dressed in white clothes embroidered with pale gold patterns. The way his clothes fell on his skin made his body features even more apparent.

The palace chief let out a sigh and answered, “Don’t you know your dad doesn’t like it when someone contradicts his decisions? You have to be careful seeing that you have just returned besides being young, Prince Kurt.”

The palace chief had Kurt’s best interests at heart.

Kurt retracted his gaze gradually and picked up a pen. After refilling the ink in his pen, he lowered his gaze. When he looked down, his thick and beautiful eyelashes formed the shape of a fan on each of his eyes.

“Okay,” Kurt replied.

Finally, the palace chief could breathe a sigh of relief. “All right, then. I shall head back now. Don’t stay up too late, Prince Kurt.”

With that, he left.

Kurt kept his head lowered at the desk and focused on writing something. When he was done, he put down his pen and voiced out, “Is anybody there?”

“Yes, I am here!” Immediately, a clear female voice rang out. Soon after that, a figure in blue walked in.

Kurt threw a glance at her and passed her a letter he’d just written. “Give this to my eldest brother. This is a list of things he needs to watch out for while overseeing the operation. He’s on his own from now on.”

“What?” Lucy knitted her brows upon throwing a glance at the letter. “Prince Kurt, are you still helping Darlene and the others? Didn’t the palace chief say the king won’t be happy if you do that?”

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