Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1682 Who Exactly Is Xayden

Chapter 1682 Who Exactly Is Xayden

After that, Xayden let go of Vivian’s arms because he was frightened by Kurt’s glare. That’s weird. Didn’t Mr. Matteo say Kurt has been fed some worms, and he’d lost his memory? If that’s the case, why is he still treating me with such hostility? He never liked me then because he used to be my lab rat for poisons when we were at SteelFort. But what happens now?

With that thought in mind, Xayden rubbed the back of his head before walking away hastily while dragging Vivian along.

“What are you walking so fast? My foot hurts!” Vivian grumbled.

“Oh? Aren’t you going to work? Let’s not waste time!”

Xayden would never tell Vivian about those immoral acts of his.

As a matter of fact, most people in SteelFort had been his lab rat. Back then, even Sebastian had gotten mad at him more than once because of it. Obviously, he had his reasons.

Vivian and Xayden went to the room where they kept the samples.

As for Kurt and Lucy, they went back to Agarwood Pavilion.

“Prince Kurt, were you angry just now?” Lucy made him a cup of coffee. At first glance, her gaze was full of respect. However, one could see the annoyance in her eyes upon a closer look.

Lucy thought Kurt’s behavior was rather suspicious. Since he has forgotten about Vivian, why was he so agitated when he saw her acting so affectionately with her bodyguard? Was he jealous?

With that thought, Lucy’s gaze turned icy.

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“What? Why can’t I be angry?” Kurt retorted. Based on his tone, he sounded like he was still angry.

Lucy was taken aback. “Huh?”

“She was so unprofessional, and she was being so childish! You can’t possibly expect me to stay while she kept fooling around, can you?” Kurt’s eyes were filled with contempt when he raised his gaze to stare at Lucy.

Lucy pursed her lips.

And finally, her gaze softened. “That’s right. She shouldn’t have done that. However, perhaps her upbringing had contributed to her arrogance. It’s okay, Prince Kurt. Didn’t she say she was going to leave after she was done with the first batch of products? We just have to be patient with her for a while more.”

“Hmph!” Kurt snorted and kept silent.

A smile then appeared on Lucy’s face.

After that, she headed downstairs to the kitchen in the palace to see if she could find something for Kurt to eat.

While she was going there, she bumped into the person who was with Vivian. At that moment, he was in the corridor layered with golden amber. He’s staring at something. What is he doing there?

“What are you doing here?” she asked after walking toward him.

For some reason, she couldn’t help but feel unhappy when she saw him.

Xayden turned toward her upon hearing that. Oh? Did she just present herself to me?

He took down his glasses and walked toward the girl dressed in blue with a smile on his face.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I am fascinated by the shiny amber. You’re Prince Kurt’s attendant, right? What are you doing? Do you need my help?” Surprisingly, he was friendly, and he offered his help to Lucy.

The hatred in Lucy’s heart grew upon hearing that. “No. You should accompany your princess instead. Isn’t she looking through the samples?”

“Yes, she is. She chased me out because, according to her, I’m clumsy. Don’t be shy, little girl. I’m a strong man! After all, I have nothing to do at the moment.” As he spoke, he reached out his hands and snatched away a container she was holding in her hands.

Lucy brought the container along so that she could pack some food for Kurt.

Lucy was so incensed that her face flushed bright red. Why are all the Jadesons so shameless?

Enraged, she wanted to snatch the container back. However, Xayden had quick reflexes. Before she could do anything, Xayden had already walked away with the container. “Let’s get going, little girl. Don’t worry. I won’t take up too much of your time. Once Ms. Vivian is done with her work, I’ll leave.”

Ms. Vivian? When Lucy heard him say that, an idea suddenly popped into her mind. So instead of resisting him, she decided to walk with him.

“Have you been around her for long?” she asked.

“Yes. I’ve been around ever since she came back when she was five,” Xayden answered truthfully.

When Vivian was five, that was when her mother brought her and Matteo back to Avenport. Back then, SteelFort was still under Frederick’s control, and Xayden was the first batch of kids they’d taken in.

Of course, with him were Channing and Calvin.

Upon hearing that, Lucy was elated.

“Since you’ve been around for so long, then you should know your princess well, right? Aren’t her parents worried about the fact that she has been here for so long? Don’t they want her to head back soon?” Indeed, that was what Lucy wanted to know the most. All this while, not only had Vivian gone through dangerous situations, but she was also hurt by Kurt. Yet, her parents had done nothing. Don’t her parents love her a lot?

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