Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1683 Headache

Chapter 1683 Headache

“Her parents? Her parents are kept in the dark. They’re currently on a tour around the world, and they should be at Dartan now. Hence, they’re too busy to know what’s going on. And you know what? I was asked to be here by her brother. How absurd is that?” Xayden heaved a sigh after saying that.

Oh? They’re just too busy. Lucy’s strung-out nerves finally became slack.

They soon arrived at the kitchen. Lucy became friendlier to Xayden, and she’d even let him help her. This bodyguard from the Jadeson family doesn’t seem very smart.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

Xayden was standing right beside her while awaiting her orders when he heard her asking about his name. “I’m Xayden,” he answered nicely.

Lucy then handed him the container packed with food. “Okay, Xayden. Will you please help me give this to Prince Kurt? In the meantime, I’ll prepare some pastries.”

“Oh?” Xayden’s eyes lit up when he was holding the container packed with warm food. What a pleasant surprise!

With the container in his hands, he ran happily toward Agarwood Pavilion.

Around ten minutes later, he arrived at Agarwood Pavilion.

“Who are you?” the guard asked.

“Hi! Ms. Lucy sent me over to give this container of soup to Prince Kurt,” Xayden explained with a smile on his face.

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Upon hearing that, the guard let him in.

Hence, Xayden finally had a chance to see Kurt in private.

In fact, Xayden heard a lot about Kurt when he was at SteelFort because of how incredible Kurt was. He was taken in when he was ten and was sent on a mission to study at Yartran alongside Vivian.

After that, he was called back to SteelFort. Within three years, he’d become one of the best in that place.

Back then at SteelFort, only the genius Calvin was considered more capable than Kurt.

Hence, back when Xayden was a researcher, he’d always been wanting to analyze Kurt’s brain. He wanted to see what made Kurt so different from the others.

However, Xayden hadn’t seen him for over a year because they were given different tasks.

Xayden brought the container upstairs.

He was shocked when he saw Kurt sitting demurely at a wooden desk with intricate carvings. That was because he was too used to seeing him with knives and guns back at SteelFort. Is he painting? Wow!

Slowly, Xayden walked over to Kurt and placed the container next to him with astonishment written all over Xayden’s face—he was in awe when he saw Kurt’s work.

“Are you serious? Is there anything that is too hard for you?” Xayden asked in bafflement.

Upon hearing that, Kurt glared at him coldly while still holding a paintbrush.

Without uttering a word, Xayden slapped the back of Kurt’s head.

“What are you glaring at me for? There’s no one else around, so don’t glare at me with your murderous eyes! What? Do you think you look cool when you do that?” Xayden asked.


Kurt had snapped the paintbrush in his hand.

Xayden instantly felt a chill running down his spine.

Although Xayden was one of SteelFort’s best talents, his specialty was his intelligence. He wasn’t as good at combat skills compared to the others, especially Kurt.

“Fine, fine! I’ll explain what’s going on, okay? I knew what worm had gotten into you just by taking a whiff of your body. It’s actually some sort of hybrid worm. Similar to a leech, but it’s much smaller. After it had gotten into a human body, it’ll take control over the body. That’s because the person who raised it had fed a huge amount of hallucinogen to it.” Xayden paused and scratched the back of his head before continuing, “However, I didn’t smell any scent of you being controlled by it. Even if you were affected, there’s no way you couldn’t counter it considering the fact that you’d been at SteelFort for so long. Since it’s so hard for me to get to see you, can you just stop acting cool in front of me?”

Kurt was staring at him while he was saying all that. Finally, he narrowed his eyes and put down the paintbrush. “So, what are you doing here?”

“What? Isn’t it obvious that it was Mr. Hayes who sent me? He was getting worried about you since he hadn’t heard from you for quite a while. That was why he sent me here to check on you. By the way, it isn’t that dad of yours who fed you the worm, right?” Xayden suddenly went up close to Kurt and sniffed him before asking.

When Kurt saw him getting near, he shied away from him in disgust and answered, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? Aren’t you the one devising the plan all along? How could you not know?”

Xayden’s eyes widened as he stared at Kurt in shock.

Indeed, he was truly shocked. Before I came, Mr. Hayes and Mr. Frost explicitly told me this fellow is the one devising the plan, and they were just assisting from behind the scenes! So how come when I got here, he told me he has no idea what is happening?

Xayden was starting to get a very bad feeling in his gut.

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