Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1686 Xayden Wants A Wife

Chapter 1686 Xayden Wants A Wife

When Lucy arrived at Agarwood Pavilion, she smelled the strong odor of blood again even before she had entered the room. Her expression changed suddenly and she ran in immediately.

“Prince Kurt, are you okay?”

When the maids present saw Lucy approaching, they turned their attention from Kurt to Lucy and said, “Ms. Lucy, you’re finally here. Prince Kurt just passed out.”

Lucy rushed to the bed.

Kurt was lying unconscious on the bed without any movement. His beautiful and delicate face looked ashen under the glow of the lamp next to him.

On the corner of his lips was a sliver of blood that hadn’t been wiped clean.

“He vomited blood?”

A chill ran down her spine at the sight.

The maids nodded worryingly and pointed to the floor they had just cleaned.

The people who got infected that night only had unbearable diarrhea and stomachache. However, Kurt’s condition was much more severe. Naturally, that got them worried.

After hearing them out, Lucy ignored them and told them to leave the room.

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“Leave the room for now.”

“Huh? But Ms. Lucy, what do you—”

The maids looked at her with puzzled faces.

However, Lucy turned around and glared at them with a bone-chilling gaze. “Didn’t you hear me? I told you to get out!”

The maids trembled and left soon after.

“What’s with her foul temper? She’s not even a consort yet.”

“Tell me about it. I can’t stand how she’s already acting like a consort before even becoming one. Does she really think that she could become the prince’s consort?”

“I think it’s possible. But with so many candidates in the tribe, there’s going to be a long line ahead of her. Besides, she’s an outsider.”

“Well, let’s just wait and see. Isn’t Prince Kurt’s birthday coming soon?”

As the dissatisfied maids began to discuss the birthday of the king’s heir that was just around the corner, they became excited.

They wanted to see what was going to happen to Lucy.

Meanwhile, Lucy wasn’t aware of the maids’ gossip as she was examining Kurt in the room.

However, she was examining him with an unorthodox method. Instead of diagnosing his pulse like when she did to the man upon entering the palace, she had taken out her sharp dagger again.

Then, she lifted Kurt’s wrist and swiftly slit across it with it.


Blood instantly gushed out from his wrist.

She squinted and looked at the blood. Then, she quickly took out a vial of green liquid and poured it into his wound.

As she emptied the vial, something started to wriggle from within the wound. After a while, a squishy, black, worm-like object crawled out from the cut on his wrist.

“Is it really just an infection?”

Lucy lifted the worm-like object with her hairpin to get a closer look.

When she noticed that the worm-like object seemed like it was sick and didn’t want to move, she knew then that there was nothing wrong with it. She breathed a sigh of relief.

After ensuring that it was okay, she put the worm-like object back into his wound.

After she fed Kurt a brown-colored pill, the worm-like object immediately buried itself into the wound as if it had caught the scent of delicious fresh blood.

Soon after, Kurt’s complexion gradually recovered.

The next day, Vivian, who had slept until the sun was up, finally got up from her bed.

D*mn. How the hell did I slept for so long?

When her mind finally cleared up, she remembered that she had to check on the goods, so she jumped down and rushed to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, when she came downstairs after washing up, she saw Xayden tinkering with something on the table in the living room.

“Xayden, what are you doing?”


Xayden, who was fully immersed in his work, raised his head.

“Oh, Ms. Vivian, you’re finally up?”

“Yeah. I’m up. Why didn’t you wake me? We have to collect the goods today, then ship them to the foreign merchants. If the samples are good, we’ll be able to ship them in bulk.”

Vivian strode into the kitchen, grabbed the two buns left on the counter, and walked over with her bag.

Xayden was still fiddling with something greasy in his hand when he smiled bashfully upon hearing Vivian’s words.

“I’m working on an organic skin care product. Here, look at what I found.” Xayden mysteriously held the object in his hand.

Vivian lowered her head to look at it.

Wow, it’s so fragrant!

She got even more surprised when she noticed the sparkling glitters inside. It looked exactly like the facial cream sold in stores.

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