Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1687 He Is Sick

Chapter 1687 He Is Sick

“This is…” “Would you like to try it? I can guarantee that it’s better than the ones you bought outside.” Xayden scooped a small amount of the cream with a spatula.

Vivian fell silent.

She had some doubts about using things of unknown origin on her skin. However, she had always been simple-minded, and she didn’t want to disappoint Xayden. Hence, she extended her hand toward him in the end.

Xayden smeared the cream across a large area on her hand with a smile on his face.

Taking a whiff, Vivian noticed that the cream smelled really aromatic.

After that, the two went out together.

However, Vivian felt a little uneasy when Xayden brought a large amount of his newly-developed product with him. He even filled them in colorful tiny bottles, looking like a salesperson.

He then told her that he wanted to give them to the people in the palace.

Vivian was rendered speechless.

Did I… did I hear him wrongly?

When did Xayden have an interest in doing such a thing? Before this, he only played with the bottles and jars at home.

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Feeling rather awkward about the situation, Vivian had no choice but to follow Xayden to the palace.

When they walked past the clear lake and saw a maid working there, Xayden squatted down.

“Hey, miss, I’ll give you something good.”


The maid was startled.

Without waiting for the maid’s reply, Xayden took out a box of the moisturizing cream from his sack and shoved it to her with a harmless-looking smile.

He had decided that he would name his product moisturizing cream.

Watching the scene, Vivian was stunned.

“Xayden, are you trying to get yourself a wife? If so, you shouldn’t give out so many. Just one is enough.”


Xayden, who was still squatting on the ground and explaining the features of the moisturizing cream to the maid, blushed when he heard her words.

What is she thinking?

He only gave out the first bottle of moisturizing cream and explained the detailed instructions to use it because he was a chemistry adept, and he did indeed add ingredients that could make the skin smooth and delicate.

When the two entered the palace, many people had already gotten the news of Xayden’s miraculous concoction.

Usually, an underdeveloped tribe such as this wouldn’t pay much attention to their skincare.

However, winter was just around the corner, and the women in the tribe had their faces frostbitten by the cold weather. Even their hands and feet were severely frostbitten.

The appearance of the moisturizing cream was a blessing in a time of need.

As such, when Vivian met the king in the palace, she saw that Xayden had already started selling the moisturizing cream enthusiastically at the gate.

The price for a box of moisturizing cream was more than enough for him to buy a bunch of silver beads from a tribe this primitive. My, my. He’s such a cunning businessman.

“Princess, your bodyguard’s stuff is quite good. If he’s short of money, the palace can buy it all from him.”


By that point, all Vivian wanted was to dig a hole to bury her head and hide in embarrassment.

The bodyguard of the Hayeses is short of money? Hah, what a preposterous notion!

Xayden is clearly trying to look for a wife by doing this.

Although Vivian doesn’t want to involve herself in Xayden’s matter any longer, she still generously gave a box of moisturizing cream to the king and the palace chief.

Then, she went to check her goods.

“Is Prince Kurt feeling better today? Last night, I heard that it was only because of Lucy that his condition was stabilized.”

“Yes. He even vomited blood. I wonder how his condition got so serious…”

When Vivian was being led to where the goods were, she saw two maids walking not far away with a plate in hand. They seemed to be talking about Prince Kurt.

What are they talking about?

And… did they just say he vomited blood?

She immediately halted in her tracks as the expression on her beautiful face suddenly turned grim.

Running toward the maids and stopping them, she asked, “Excuse me, ladies, what were you talking about? Can you tell me about it?”

“O-Oh? Princess, i-it’s you.”

The two maids didn’t expect to meet a royal guest, and they immediately became flustered.

However, Vivian didn’t seem to be intimidating. She even addressed them politely after stopping them.

“Don’t be afraid, I don’t have any ill intentions. I just overheard your conversation about Prince Kurt. May I know what happened to him? What do you mean when you said his condition was stabilized?”

Seeing how mild-tempered Vivian was, the maids spoke. “Didn’t you know about it, Princess? Prince Kurt fell ill last night.”

He fell ill?

Vivian’s complexion turned pale upon hearing them. In fact, even her lips turned white.

“Why? What kind of illness does he have?”

The maid quickly explained in detail, “I heard that it was because of the Devilwood water last night. It wasn’t just Prince Kurt. Many people in the palace got sick last night. The Devilwood water is often used to ward off the cold at night. However, the chef didn’t burn the Devilwood thoroughly, and everyone got poisoned as a result.”

After investigating the incident last night, it was confirmed that the cause of the illness was the Devilwood given by the tribe.

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