Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1688 The Temperament Of A Princess

Chapter 1688 The Temperament Of A Princess

Devilwood was the best material for a primitive tribe to keep out the cold during the winter.

It was woody and fragrant. After being burned into charcoal, it could be boiled with water, and drinking it would be able to warm one’s blood like how liquor did. Hence, the palace would ask for the tribe to burn a bunch of Devilwood when the winter started.

Due to its scarcity, however, there would only be one or two piles of Devilwood available throughout the winter.

Unexpectedly, the Devilwood that was prepared last night was not burned thoroughly. And because raw Devilwood was poisonous to the body, swallowing it by mistake would cause diarrhea and vomiting.

In the end, the witch doctor determined that it was the raw Devilwood that caused the illness.

After listening to their story, Vivian decided not to check on the goods and ran toward Agarwood Pavilion. She ran so fast that the voices of the maids trying to stop her faded into the background.

Ten minutes later, Vivian heard the sound of coughing coming from the floor above when she ran up the wooden building with carved beams.

Cough! Cough!

He’s really sick!

She became even more worried. She ignored the fact that it was inappropriate for someone of her identity to be there and simply ran into the room.

The young man stood by the window dressed in a robe. His short dark hair was shaggy, and he was wearing a pair of soft-soled shoes. When Vivian entered the room, he was looking at something in his hand under the fading sunlight.

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At a glance, he didn’t look as upright and energetic as he used to be.

Is he really sick?

Why is he not resting? He’s not even wearing proper clothing. The weather is so cold, and it’s almost snowing.

Vivian got even more worried. She stepped into the room and went behind him.

“Are you sick? Let me have a look.”

Before Kurt could react, a pair of petite hands had turned him around to face Vivian. She then touched his forehead with her warm hand. Everything happened in an instant.

Kurt was rendered speechless.

“Hm. There’s no fever, but your complexion looks off. Let’s go to the hospital in Summerbank. The doctors here are too primitive.”

Kurt could see his reflection in Vivian’s eyes as she spoke with urgency.

His mind was suddenly filled with a buzzing noise.

What is this feeling?

He couldn’t tell. However, he could feel something awakening in his chest, and suddenly it became hot. At that moment, his fingers started to tremble.

Vivian was shocked.

“Look. You’re shivering. Come on, we must go to the doctor right now. Go and change your clothes.”

Evidently, she was frightened.

After retracting the hand on his forehead, she gritted her teeth and looked at him with her shimmering dark eyes. Then, without hesitation, she grabbed his arm.

She wanted to drag him to the doctor no matter what.

Kurt remained silent.

For a moment, he really wanted to let go of everything and let her drag him out of this hellish place.

After all, they came here together in the first place.

However, when he saw someone coming over behind Vivian, he quickly retracted his arm from her grasp.

“Princess, what you’re doing is inappropriate.”


Vivian lifted her head to look at him.


She didn’t understand what he meant until the sound of footsteps got closer to her. She turned around only to realize that it was Lucy.

That was when she finally understood everything.

“Vivian? Why are you pestering Prince Kurt again? He’s sick. Can’t you just leave him alone?”

Lucy had come over with Kurt’s medication. When she saw Vivian in Kurt’s room, fury boiled within her.

Especially when she saw the woman hugging his arm.

Vivian was rendered speechless.

When she noticed Kurt stepping back, she stared at Lucy. All of a sudden, she turned around again and grabbed Kurt.

“What do you mean I’m pestering him? I’m here to take him to Summerbank to see a doctor. You should watch your words!”


“I’ll have you know that I’m the princess of the Jadesons. I heard he was ill, so I came here to take him to Summerbank to see a doctor. After all, he’s the heir of the king of Elysium. Can you bear the consequences if anything were to happen to him?”

Vivian retaliated back aggressively.

Kurt was stumped.

As for Lucy, her face was contorted with rage upon hearing those words.

“Has the king agreed to let you take Prince Kurt to Summerbank?”

“Why wouldn’t he agree? He’s his son. Do you think he wants anything bad to happen to him? I’m going to notify my brother now. He’ll prepare a helicopter and we’ll take him to Summerbank, hmph!”

Vivian, who was provoked, finally brought out the temperament and confidence of a princess, rendering Lucy speechless.

Indeed. When it comes to family background, no one in this world could compare with Vivian.

She was an honorable princess, and not some girl from a small tribe. The status of the Jadesons was ridiculously competent and influential in the country. And her father, Sebastian, was the man that held all the power.

Facing someone with such a substantial status, Lucy had no right to question nor shout at her.

Does she think that just because I’m always in a good mood she can forget who I am? That because I’m acquainted with her she can forget about my identity?

With that thought in mind, Vivian took Kurt away without batting an eye.

Being stuck between the two women, Kurt was at a loss for words.

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