Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1689 Taking Action

Chapter 1689 Taking Action

Vivian took Kurt to the Summerbank Hospital that same day.

Matteo wasn’t at Elysium since he had exams at his school for the past two days. He figured that since Xayden was present, he could go back to school and come back after his exams.

When Vivian realized that Matteo was nowhere to be found, she called Sebastian.

“Daddy, I want a helicopter right now!”


Sebastian, who was far away in Miralaea, was stunned when he heard what his daughter said on the phone.

A helicopter?

My, my, aren’t you getting a bit too spoiled? Now you want a helicopter?

Sebastian was sitting in a chair with his legs crossed. Flipping through a book in his hand, he said, “Why? Are you trying to ship the goods to the overseas merchants by air?”

“Huh?” Vivian widened her eyes in shock.

“Daddy, so you knew everything?”

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“Of course. My daughter is so capable, how could I not know? The business department has already given me a call. They even praised you.”

Sebastian started teasing his daughter.

However, his expression at that moment was one of pride. The little sweetie he raised for so many years had brought him many surprises. It was only natural that he would be happy.

Vivian immediately blushed upon hearing that.


“All right, that’s enough. Tell me, why do you want a helicopter suddenly? Is it really for your business?”


When she heard her father mention her business, she quickly shook her head to deny it.

“Daddy, Kurt is sick. I… I want to take him to Summerbank Hospital, but the transportation here is inconvenient. And… even with a car, we’ll have to walk for dozens of miles first to reach it. I-I don’t want to make him walk in his condition.”

Vivian was stuttering a little. She felt embarrassed to explain.

She was also worried about the things that Sebastian might find out.

After all, she had not told Sebastian about Kurt’s memory loss after he was being fed worms. So she wasn’t sure if Sebastion knew about it. If he didn’t know about it, she should never mention it.

Fortunately, Sebastian only focused on the fact that Kurt was sick.

“Is he seriously ill?”

“It’s serious. I heard he vomited blood last night. When I was there this morning, he couldn’t even stand on his feet. And the witch doctors here gave him some herbs to drink. There’s no way he’ll recover with just that!”

Vivian became more and more infuriated as she spoke, before ending her sentence with a huff.

Sebastian frowned.

He vomited blood?

He hadn’t heard the news about that.

Sebastian agreed to help Vivian and hung up the phone. Then, he scrolled through his contact list before selecting a number.

He sent a text to Xayden: What’s going on? Is there something you didn’t tell me?

Squatting on the ground, Xayden glanced at Vivian with a troubled look and began to reply to his boss.

Xayden: Mr. Hayes, here’s what happened…

Ten minutes later, in Miralaea, Sasha returned from the beach with some kelp and was about to wash them in the kitchen to make soup.

Just when she was busying herself in the kitchen, Sebastian came downstairs.

“Darling, what are you doing?”

“Why are you up so early? Why didn’t you sleep a little longer?”

When she heard Sebastian’s lazy voice, Sasha raised her head to look at him.

There was a three-hour time difference between Miralaea and Chanaea. Nine o’clock in Chanaea would be six o’clock in the morning in Miralaea. Sasha woke up early because she wanted to gather some kelp.

Sebastian didn’t answer her question. After reaching the bottom of the stairs, he went into the kitchen and put his arms around Sasha from behind.

“Are you making something delicious again?”

“It’s kelp, and some seafood, to increase your calcium levels. You said you had a backache yesterday, right?”

Sasha moved her head to avoid Sebastian’s warm breath from brushing against her ear and pointed to the food she was preparing in front of her.


What does that have to do with calcium?

Is she trying to say that I’m getting old? Is two times not enough?

Sebastian’s face became gloomy. He stared at the food, but his hands were already gliding all over Sasha’s body, caressing her.

“Why don’t we try it again? Let’s see if my back still hurts then.”


Sasha’s face suddenly turned red.

Why does he still like to fool around even at such an age? He’s not young anymore. Was yesterday not enough for him?

In the end, Sasha could only beg for forgiveness.

Only then did Sebastian let go of her. He then noticed the sandwich that was already prepared next to him and took a piece before stuffing it in his mouth.

“Darling, do you want to go back for a visit?”

“What?” Sasha, who could finally resume cooking her soup in peace, suddenly raised her head and looked at him.

“Back to where? Home?”

She had the impression that Sebastian was talking about Jadeborough, where their home, the Oceanic Estate, was located.

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