Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1690 I Have Had Enough

Chapter 1690 I Have Had Enough

Sebastian did not disagree with her.

“Anywhere is fine with me. Now that I have almost recovered, it is boring to stay here all the time. Let’s just go somewhere. What do you think?” Sebastian suggested casually and took a bite of a sandwich before walking away.

Sasha’s eyes brightened upon hearing him.

Am I not bored? Of course, I’m bored too. Although the environment is good and the air is fresh, Sebastian and I are the only ones here. Who wouldn’t want to live surrounded by their family?

Therefore, Sasha felt that it was a good idea.

“Sounds good. Let’s return to Oceanic Estate and visit Old Mr. Jadeson and everyone else. After that, we can go to Avenport to see my father,” Sasha suggested.

“Sure,” Sebastian said.

Sasha suddenly remembered something and asked, “Oh, by the way, should we go and see our children?”

I haven’t seen the children for a very long time. Although they are all seventeen years old, they are still my precious children. I haven’t been able to take care of them in recent years. Now that I finally have time, I should visit them.

Sebastian raised an eyebrow upon hearing Sasha. Luckily for her, he agreed immediately, “Yes, let’s go see them.”

“Great!” Sasha was tremendously happy.

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She could not help but feel excited about the trip.

After that, she went upstairs to pack. However, she did not know that Sebastian had secretly sent a message on his smartphone after she had gone upstairs.

Sebastian: Inform everyone to wait for me in SteelFort in three days!

In a few minutes, the message caused a stir throughout SteelFort.

Meanwhile, Vivian brought the stubborn Kurt to the hospital.

“Doctor, he is ill. Please take a look at him!” Vivian said urgently.

Once they arrived at the hospital, Vivian did not care whether Kurt wanted to be there. She dragged him in by his arm, registered, and pulled him to a doctor.

The doctor asked, “What is the matter?”

Kurt did not say anything.

Therefore, Vivian answered for him, “He vomited blood. Please take a look at him now!”

She tried to get the doctor’s attention by telling him the most severe symptom.

Vomited blood?

As expected, the doctor was shocked by what she said.

“What happened? Why did he vomit blood? Is he injured? Did he ingest poison?” The doctor quickly grabbed his stethoscope and placed it on Kurt’s chest.

What Vivian said instantly prompted the doctor to treat Kurt as an emergency patient.

Kurt could not bear it anymore. Before the doctor could perform other tests, Kurt reached out to stop him. “Doctor, don’t listen to her nonsense. I did not vomit blood. It was just a little cough and a cold.”

“Hey! How can you say you didn’t vomit blood? I heard from two of the servants that you did!” Vivian argued immediately. She was so agitated that tears filled her eyes.

A vein throbbed on Kurt’s forehead.

“You have only heard about it, but did you see it yourself? How would you know that I have vomited blood?” Kurt replied.

“But-” Vivian said.

“It was only a cough. I coughed up some phlegm that contained a trace of blood. The witch doctor said it is due to the charcoal from last night and the slight cold I have been having these past few days. You are overreacting!” Kurt interrupted her impatiently and insisted that he did not vomit blood.

Vivian did not know what to say.

The doctor said, “Aren’t you being unreasonable here, Miss? He is fine, but you insist that he vomited blood. Don’t you know you are causing us unnecessary trouble?”

The doctor became furious with Vivian when he found out that Kurt did not have a severe medical condition.

Kurt’s scolding had hurt Vivian. Now, the doctor’s reproach made her feel even worst.

I didn’t do it on purpose. I was worried about Kurt. Is that wrong?

Vivian remained silent. When the doctor ignored her completely, she wept and ran away.

Seeing that, the doctor did not know what to say.

Kurt was shocked.

His face turned pale. He immediately pushed the doctor’s stethoscope away and stood up.

“Hey, what are you doing? I’m not done checking you,” the doctor protested.

Nevertheless, Kurt just ignored him as he saw Vivian running away. He quickly rushed out of the door to chase after her.

I think I have said something harsh to her just now.

Kurt ran out of the outpatient department and searched for her urgently all over the hospital.

His heart sank when he could not find her anywhere. He continued to search all over the hospital, but she disappeared without a trace.

“Excuse me, have you seen a seventeen-year-old girl? She is pretty and has a pair of large eyes. Also, she wore a blue dress. Did you see her?” Kurt asked desperately.

Kurt had never felt as frantic as he did now. He was usually calm and collected. But now, he grabbed someone nearby in a panic and began to question him.

The person was scared out of his wit from being grabbed out of the blue.

“Who? I didn’t see her. Let me go!” Then, the person freed himself and ran away. He thought Kurt was a lunatic.

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