Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1696 Determined To Win

Chapter 1696 Determined To Win

I can understand the first three criteria as they showcase a woman’s virtue, culture, and the embroidery skills that the women of this tribe must learn. But, fortune-telling? That is a little hard to believe. I mean, that’s literally sorcery! Are the women of this royal family so hardcore that they even need to know how to tell fortunes?

The thought of that piqued Riley’s curiosity, and she dedicated all of her attention to what was going on at the top of the altar.

The high priest then walked up to the three girls and handed them a large, red handkerchief. Judging by how thin the handkerchief looked, it was most probably made of high-quality silk.

“This is your first test. You will use this handkerchief during your wedding ceremony after being chosen, so please put your training to good use. You may begin.”

Having received the instructions from the high priest, the girls quickly took the handkerchief over and started stitching away.

The crowd looked even more nervous than the girls as they watched on from below the altar.

For the most part, Riley’s attention was focused on Lucy because of her extreme hatred toward her.

A mischievous grin formed on Riley’s face when she saw that Lucy clearly wasn’t performing as well as the other two girls.

Surely enough, the girl from the Cyanian tribe was the one who performed the best on the test. She had managed to sew a beautiful lotus on the handkerchief in just half an hour.

D*mn, this girl sure is talented!

Riley thought to herself in awe as she complimented the girl from the bottom of her heart.

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“Look at how amazing our representative is! That woman doesn’t stand a chance against her!”

“I know, right?”

The two Cyanian women began mocking Lucy disdainfully.

Although Riley was laughing along with them, she couldn’t help but notice something rather strange about Lucy.

Huh… Lucy doesn’t seem to be panicking in the slightest even after failing her first test so miserably… If anything, she looks like she’s just calmly waiting for the next test! Does she think she stands a chance in the following tests?

The mere thought of that made Riley hate her even more.

Kurt, on the other hand, didn’t show any emotion as he watched on from his seat next to the king. Despite wearing an elegant crown that the high priest had personally put on his head, he had an icy-cold look in his eyes and kept quiet the whole time. It was almost as if everything that was happening before him was none of his business whatsoever.

Riley could only let out a sigh when she saw that.

The second test was a test of the women’s literacy and housekeeping skills.

As the daughters of tribe chiefs in Elysium would receive proper education from wise elders after they were born, it was nearly impossible for them to fail this test.

Surely enough, the competition between the three of them ended in a tie.

When it came to the housekeeping test, Lucy put her experience gained from living in the royal family’s residence to use.

“Here, have some tea, Prince Kurt!” she said in the most affectionate way possible while serving Kurt a cup of tea on her knees.

Tea wasn’t a common beverage in Elysium as it originated from Jazona.

Due to its calming and relaxing properties, most of the people there drank it as a part of their leisurely lifestyle.

In Elysium, however, that was not possible due to the poor economy there. The tribal members struggled just to put food on the table for themselves, so they couldn’t possibly be able to afford tea.

In fact, even having a nice, clean glass of water was considered a luxury for them.

Noticing that everyone’s attention was focused on Lucy, the two other candidates had disdainful frowns on their faces as they whipped out the snacks that they prepared.

To their surprise, Kurt’s eyes lit up when he saw the cup of tea that Lucy served him.

“Did you just brew this tea yourself?” he asked.

“I did, Prince Kurt. This is black tea, which is a very popular choice out there,” she replied while holding the cup of fragrant tea in her hands.

Black tea, huh?

Kurt looked genuinely interested as he picked up the teacup and drank it.

“Oh, my god! Prince Kurt drank the tea she brewed!”

“Why would he do that? If he drinks her tea, doesn’t that mean she has won this test? If she wins, then their score will be tied! The fortune-telling test will be the final test left! What do we do?”

The Cyanian and Mordunian candidates were both shocked and angry at what they saw.

Kurt drinking Lucy’s tea made her the winner of the third test, so the fortune-telling test was the only one left.

The atmosphere grew incredibly tense all of a sudden as the king and the chiefs anxiously waited to see the outcome.

One of the chiefs came up to the king and whispered in his ear, “Your Majesty, are you sure you want Lucy to marry Prince Kurt?”

The king didn’t look too happy when he heard that.

“Of course not! I only agreed to let her participate to make up the numbers because he saved Kaiden back then, that’s all! Honestly, why are the girls from the Cyanian tribe and the Mordunian tribe so pathetic? Also, what on earth happened to the Meyan and Zenisian tribes?”

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