Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1698 Crash The Wedding Part One

Chapter 1698 Crash The Wedding Part One

The entire altar burst into bewilderment.

Is she trying to crash the wedding? Holy cr*p. This has never happened before in the tribe. Most importantly, it seems like she has a powerful background. Isn’t the Jadesons the royal family who rules Jadeborough? If that’s so, even the king could not reject her.

Everyone was dumbfounded by what was happening.

“Lucy won’t stand a chance now as such a powerful opponent has shown up.”

“Absolutely. She thought the victory would be hers after she defeated the daughters of Cyanian and Mordunian. She must be utterly pissed right now.”

“Look at her! Her face has turned as pale as a sheet!”

The crowd started looking down at Lucy, who had the best chance up till then.

Indeed, Lucy was beyond infuriated at the moment.

Riley had noticed that as well.

She was secretly delighted to see Lucy’s victory crushed by the lady who descended from the sky.

What a bold woman! It’s your turn to be embarrassed!

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“Dear Princess, do you mean you want to participate in my son’s royal concubine selection ceremony?” The king finally opened his mouth.

His voice trembled with excitement as he locked his eyes with Vivian.

The high priest and the chiefs were rendered speechless by that.

Kurt widened his eyes in awe as he heard what the king said.

“Do I still need to join the selection?” Vivian asked.

She had such a noble charisma that only an actual royalty could possess.

The king was beyond delighted.

“Of course not!” He let out a boisterous laugh. “You are the princess of the Jadesons. If you want to become my daughter-in-law, it would be our honor. I will have my useless son propose to you right away. How could I let you humble yourself and join the concubine selection?”

In just a few minutes, the ending of the concubine selection ceremony concluded abruptly.

Although some of the crowd could not accept this outcome, they knew of Vivian’s status. She is an actual princess, after all. No one from the tribe could be compared to her.

Hence, no one among the crowd dared to show any objection to the matter.

Lucy was overwhelmed with resentment after she knew she stood no chance against Vivian, who suddenly showed up at the scene.

“Vivian, does your family know what you are doing? Do they agree for you to marry into a small tribe?” she questioned viciously.

Before Vivian could respond to that, Kurt’s expression turned hostile and intimidating.

Indeed, he was delighted to hear Vivian’s answer just now.

An overwhelming feeling burst inside his chest. He had never felt such joy for a long time.

He never thought something he lost would come back to him again.

Yet, the overly ambitious woman got in his way.

“I…” Vivian choked on her words.

“Men, seize Lucy now!” Kurt opened his mouth before Vivian could answer.

He commanded his guards to rid him of the obstacle.

Those on the altar were baffled by his command.

The citizens of the tribe were left in awe as they could not wrap their heads around it.

What is going on? Why does Prince Kurt want to seize the woman?

They were utterly bewildered. Even Riley was dumbfounded as well.

“Do you want to arrest me?” On the altar, Lucy was overwhelmed with emotions.

Her gaze was filled with shock and rage as she could not believe what was happening.

Kurt did not react directly to her question. As the guards arrived, he tossed the seal without any hesitation.


It was a seal of execution order made of red copper.

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat as their jaws dropped.

Execution order? Why would he kill the woman who had just participated in his concubine selection ceremony?

That got everyone stunned in place.

Lucy’s pupils shrank violently upon seeing the seal, and the color drained from her face.

“Why?” She locked her eyes on Kurt and spat out her question hesitantly.

Kurt shifted his cold gaze back toward her. “Why? Do you still need me to tell you the reason? Why didn’t Zenisian and Meyan come today?”

A deathly silence ensued.

Meyan and Zenisian? We thought they didn’t come as they were destined to be archenemies.

The crowd was left in befuddlement.

Lucy’s expression darkened after hearing that.

“What does it have anything to do with me? The high priest said that their path crossed with each other!” As expected, that was her reply.

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