Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1699 Crash The Wedding Part Two

Chapter 1699 Crash The Wedding Part Two

Kurt sneered upon hearing that, “Yeah, indeed. The high priest said it. But he is being controlled by you. The bridal veil and the black tea, and even the fortune-telling, were all your doings. They were all arranged by you, weren’t they?”

Lucy was speechless upon hearing that.

“You didn’t want to win the game too obviously, so you arranged for them to win the bridal veil test first.” He pointed at the lady of Cyanian and the lady of Mordunian. Both were still standing on the altar.

Beyond exasperated, the two ladies’ eyes were reddened.

“Then what about the following round? Kurt, what was wrong with the tea and the fortune-telling session?” The chiefs of Cyanian and Mordunian were enraged as they started to question.

Kurt’s lips curled into a sneer as he waved his hand. Soon, his subordinate brought upon something with a silver plate.

“There was nothing wrong with the tea. That was her scheme. She has known me for a long time, and she knew it was my favorite. However, her ace card was the fortune-telling.” He used a fork to pick up a tiny thing on the silver plate.


To everyone’s bewilderment, the tiny thing started wriggling on the fork and making a scary hissing sound.

What is that thing exactly?

A glint of fear appeared on everyone’s face.

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Meanwhile, Lucy’s face turned as white as a sheet.

Not only did she see the worm, but she also noticed Kurt mentioning that she had known him for a long time and was aware that he liked black tea.

What did he mean that I had known him for a long time? Based on his current memory, he was supposed to encounter me in the palace. Does that mean he has never lost his memory at all? Has he been deceiving me from the start?

Chills ran down her spine; she could not help but shiver.

“Prince Kurt, this…”

“It’s a worm. Could you take it to the king? Maybe, there’s a surprise awaiting him.” Kurt did not show much emotion after taking out the worm.

He seemed to have a naughty notion as he asked the subordinate to bring the worm to the king.

With that, the guard brought it cautiously to the latter.

Everyone was dumbstruck by the next scene. As soon as the worm approached the king, it let out a loud shriek. The king sitting on his throne suddenly covered his belly with his hands, and appeared to be in anguish.


“Your Majesty. what’s wrong?” The palace chief was startled as he immediately ran to support the king.

Those surrounding the altar, including those tribe citizens, froze on the spot upon witnessing that scene.

They were familiar with worms. Even their high priest had some worms with him.

Not to mention, he was the only one capable of possessing it. Worms were indeed dangerous beings. They could either control or kill the host. The palace had long since issued a strict order that no one other than the high priest should raise such a thing.

Then, how could there be worms inside the king’s body? Did the high priest insert those worms?

“You…” The king, suffering from the worms, cast a furious look at the high priest.

He seemed to have the urge to kill the latter right away.

Just then, something strange happened.

The high priest did not react at all. He stood at his spot, still smiling. It looked as though it had nothing to do with him.

The king and the crowd were rendered speechless by that.

Even Vivian who was on the altar widened her eyes in disbelief.

There is something amiss about him.

“Yael, what are you doing? The king is talking to you! Yael!” someone among the chiefs shouted at the high priest angrily.

The voice came from the chief of Cyanian who had just voiced out previously.

However, the high priest, named Yael Griffin, did not seem to be bothered. He stood there with an unnatural smile on his face, as though he was a puppet being controlled by someone.

That’s so bizarre!

The king had noticed something was off too. Enduring the pain in his body, he stared at the high priest and asked, “What’s wrong with him?”

No one dared to answer his question, except Kurt.

“He is just like you. He was fed with the worms, obviously for quite a while now. You are still of use; your brain is not yet consumed entirely. There is still hope for you.” He did not hold back his words at all. There was a glint of provocation in his tone.

The color drained from the king’s face upon hearing that. He could no longer hold his composure. “Who? Who the h*ll did this?”

Kurt did not answer this time. He sat there lazily as he shifted his gaze toward the lady wearing the Phoenix Coronet. He looked as though he was a predator targeting its prey.

It has been such a long act. It has been three months since I was attacked in the forest, brought back to the palace, and fed with the worms. Perhaps, it has been even longer than three months.

He began to play with a blood-red bead in his hand.

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