Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1700 Crash The Wedding Part Three

Chapter 1700 Crash The Wedding Part Three

There was no more hope in Lucy’s eyes. She froze on the spot, staring at Kurt. After a while, she asked with a hoarse voice, “You have never lost your memory, have you?”

“I did. For about ten days,” he replied honestly.

Upon hearing that, the two ladies in front of him felt a chill arising in their bodies as their hearts dropped with a thud.

Meanwhile, Vivian could feel her heart racing as though it would jump out of her throat.

He has been faking it all this while! D*mn it! How could he lie to me?

Beyond infuriated, Vivian did not know how to react. Her face turned utterly red.

Lucy uttered, “So all this while, it was all been an act, wasn’t it?”

“Yes!” Kurt responded.

Lucy asked again, “Then what have you found out? Did you know my identity?”

“What do you think?”

The conversation ended with a provocative question by Kurt.

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Lucy fell into a deep silence.

She stood still and stared at him. After a long while, her pale lips suddenly curled into an eerie smile.

“No, you will never know who I am. And you will never find out what I have done. Kaiden, your performance has been a huge disappointment to me.” She staggered backward slowly as she spoke.

Those on the altar sensed something was wrong. They immediately stood up from their seats and intended to flee.

Yet, they soon discovered that besides the king, the palace chief, and those from Cyanian and Mordunian, the rest was standing there without moving.

Their conditions looked just like the high priest’s.

“You b*tch!” The king finally burst into rage.

He shouted as he drew the sword from the guard beside him. He was determined to kill the woman himself.

However, it was too late. Lucy, who had left the center of the altar, suddenly put her finger into her mouth. She made a whistle, and those people standing still immediately started moving.

“Aaaahh!” The two daughters of Cyanian and Mordunian recoiled in fear upon seeing that.

Vivian was utterly stunned as she saw the terrifying scene.

At the critical moment, a figure emerged in front of her. He grabbed her by her waist and led her to jump down from the altar.

Vivian failed to react to that.

She was brought to Riley. By then, she was still staring at Kurt who placed her down gently, not knowing what to say.

“Aunt Riley, please take her away. Ian and Matteo will be here soon,” Kurt said.

“Then… what about you? Did that woman control everyone here? No wonder I thought those people looked strange when I was taking the goods here these few days. What is she up to now?” Riley was also beyond terrified by this abrupt development.

She panicked when she heard Kurt asking her to bring Vivian away.

Nonetheless, Kurt did not answer her questions. At this point, he figured it was better for those he wanted to protect to know less.

Kurt released his hands and was about to leave.

“Hold on a second!” At that instant, Vivian regained her senses as she grabbed his hand tightly.

Kurt was startled, and he halted his feet abruptly.

“Tell me, what do you want to do now? Don’t lie to me again!” Tears welled up in her eyes.

She was behaving confidently and arrogantly the moment she arrived in the helicopter. Yet, her face was filled with fear and anxiousness at this moment.

She could not bear to see him leave.

Kurt turned around and looked at her.

He threw away all his disguise at that moment as he could no longer suppress his emotions. He gripped her hand and pulled her into his embrace.

“I’m so sorry…” He choked on his words.

At that moment, Vivian felt as if her mind was blown.

While she felt the familiar warmth and scent of his body, her heart was filled with mixed feelings.

Overwhelmed with indignance, she failed to control the tears from flowing down her cheeks.

“I don’t want you to say sorry. I want you to leave with me. Kurt, let’s leave this place, okay? That woman is a mad person. Let’s not stay here anymore.” She bawled her eyes out like a child, begging him to leave with her.

Even a fool could tell that Lucy was not a kind person.

She even dared to manipulate a high priest. There was unlikely any crime she would not dare to do. No one knew how many schemes she had been planning in her mind.

The only thing Vivian knew was that the entire Elysium had almost fallen into Lucy’s hand.

“Kurt, please go back with me…”


Kurt, who was still hugging Vivian tightly, called her by her name. That was all he could say.

Can I go back with her? Absolutely not. If I leave now, it would be the end of Elysium.

Even though he hated this place and would not miss it even if it perished, the citizens here were innocent, just like his grandpa and grandma.

There are kids, old people, and families here. Most importantly, Lucy’s purpose is not to conquer Elysium, but to use the tribe as a weapon to help that bast*rd rise again!

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