Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1701 The Battle Part One

Chapter 1701 The Battle Part One

In the end, Kurt knocked Vivian unconscious and handed her over to Riley.

“Ms. Cooper, sorry for the trouble.”

Riley was stumped when she suddenly saw what was happening on the altar.

Once the matter was exposed, Lucy grabbed a blade from one of the guards and began slaughtering everyone.

With the vicious expression and the fact that she was still wearing her wedding gown, it was a terrifying sight to behold.

After Riley carried the unconscious Vivian out on her back, Kurt tapped his foot and leaped back onto the altar.

“Kaiden, do you think you can turn the matter around just by exposing me?” Lucy sneered when she saw him return.

By then, she had already killed a few of the female royal guards with the blade she was holding.

Meanwhile, Kurt scanned his surroundings and realized how bleak the situation was. Other than the Cyanians and Mordunians, all the other citizens were being controlled like puppets. Brandishing the weapons in their hands, they charged at the two tribes.

On the altar, the situation was even more grim.

The Mordunian chief had already been cut down while trying to protect the king.

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Therefore, only the Cyanian chief was left to defend him.

“Your Majesty, let’s go!”

“Hahaha!” Lucy burst into raving mad laughter upon hearing his words.

“Don’t you see it? There’s no escape for you now. Where are you going to flee to? Let me tell you, Kaiden, I control Elysium now. In fact, I deliberately left these two useless tribes alone for your use during the election,” Lucy declared with an unremorseful expression.

Deliberately left?

Kurt narrowed his gaze at her and asked, “Why? Is this election very important to you?”

Lucy replied, “Yes, Kaiden, if you cooperate with me, you can still be the king of Elysium, while I can continue being your consort.”

Despite what happened, Lucy continued to persuade him.

After all, it was a great honor for her. She could turn the entire Elysium into her puppet, while Kurt could ascend the throne.

In the meantime, Kurt took out the blood-red-colored bead. After quickly studying it, he pressed a switch and caused it to turn into the long and sharp Blood Arrow.

He glared at her with a gaze filled with hatred and contempt.

“My consort? Are you even worthy?”

“What did you say?”

At that moment, Lucy’s face lost all color, as if she had been forcefully slapped in her face.

“Didn’t you hear me? Let me repeat it again. Based on your family background, you’re nothing but a pawn of Eddie’s. Based on looks, you’re not even fit to be Vivi’s servant. Thus, what gave you the audacity to claim the position of my consort?”


Lucy had never imagined that Kurt was capable of saying something so scathing.

The way he conducted himself resembled her boss very much.

Consequently, she was utterly infuriated by his words. Despite being willing to sacrifice the rest of her life in exchange for his safety, she ended up being humiliated by him instead.

“Kaiden, I’m going to kill you!” Lucy roared before charging at Kurt with her blade.

Upon seeing her response, Kurt cracked a blood-thirsty smile. In the blink of an eye, he unleashed the Blood Arrow and dashed forward to intercept her attack.

In the meantime, Xayden arrived at the scene.

The moment he saw the battle on the altar, he led the Meyans and Zenisians whom he had freed from the worms ahead.

“Quick, restrain the rest of the tribes. We cannot allow them to massacre each other!”

The reason he was held up was that he was busy freeing the two tribes from the worms.

As for the two tribes, they weren’t actually hostile to each other as claimed by the high priest. In truth, Lucy had long manipulated them with the help of the worms.

By doing so, she had turned the strongest faction within the tribe into her puppets.

On top of that, she also gained control over all the other smaller tribes. Only the Cyanians and Mordunians were left alone so that the ceremony could still carry on, cementing her position as queen.

However, she had not expected Vivian to return and throw her plans into disarray.

Despite her vicious expression, Lucy quickly realized that she was no match for Kurt.

As a member of SteelFort, he was significantly more skillful than her.

“How dare a weakling like you take me on? You must have a death wish to do so!”

When he noticed that Lucy could no longer defend herself, Kurt drew his bow fully and prepared to shoot the Blood Arrow at her.

However, at that very moment, a high-pitch shriek suddenly rang out above his head. Before he realized what was going on, he felt something bite into the center of his chest.


Despite the intense training he had gone through, the pain was so unbearable that he dropped the arrow in his hand and staggered backward.

The king whom he was protecting cried out in shock, “Kaiden!”

After steadying himself, Kurt raised his head and looked up.

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