Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1702 The Battle Part Two

Chapter 1702 The Battle Part Two

“Craigor!” Everyone on the altar was stunned to see Craigor, who was Kurt’s long-lost uncle. He was the person who suddenly caused the worm inside Kurt’s body to turn on him.

Why? Holding onto his chest, Kurt was pale in shock as he looked at his uncle who had appeared out of nowhere.

The worm that Lucy left inside his body had been disposed of by Xayden. Hence, the one that remained was given to him by his mother when he was young.

It was the red-colored worm that emerged from his palm when he was on the train back then.

That worm was the King Worm of the Zenisians.

Evidently, they were members of the Zenisians too. It wasn’t until something happened to his aunt and his mom was exiled to Black Marsh that they were chased out of Elysium.

In spite of that, his mom had given him the King Worm when he was a child.

The King Worm would only protect its host and never harm the latter unless it met with its Mother Worm.

Kurt stared blankly at his uncle.


“Why? How dare you ask me why? Kaiden, have you forgotten how your aunt’s two brothers died? Have you also forgotten that your mom and sister are still imprisoned by this heartless animal?” Craigor berated his nephew the moment he arrived in front of Kurt.

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At that moment, Kurt’s face lost all color.

He had wanted to tell his uncle that it wasn’t what it looked like and he had his own reasons for doing so.

Unfortunately, just when Kurt was about to speak, his uncle was outraged to see him using the Zenisians’ legendary weapon, the Blood Arrow, to attack those on his side.

At that very instant, fury overwhelmed Craigor.


The mother worm in his hand let out an agonizing cry.

When the King Worm within Kurt’s body heard it, it began to struggle furiously. The very next second, Kurt dropped to his knees and lost consciousness from the excruciating pain.

Sprawled on the ground, Kurt grabbed Craigor’s pant leg and begged, “U-Uncle, no…”

“What do you mean no? Do you want me to stop? Let me tell you Kaiden, he is the enemy, not Lucy. He, Roppell, is our family’s mortal enemy. Do you understand?”

After kicking his nephew aside, Craigor grabbed the blade on the ground with bloodshot eyes and walked up to the king.

Kurt was stumped.


With a flash of the blade, the palace chief who came forward to shield the king was cut down in half.

As Kurt closed his eyes, his face became terrifyingly pale.

At that moment, Lucy came over, stood in front of him, and gave him a condescending look. When she saw how he was suffering on his knees, she suddenly felt the high of having avenged the humiliation she had suffered earlier.

“Now that you have lost, how does it feel?”

Kurt didn’t respond.

Due to the physical torment he felt and the increasingly chaotic situation, Kurt was in so much pain that his body was trembling slightly.

Upon seeing his reaction, Lucy rejoiced in his misery.

“Kurt, you truly are a smart man. Nonetheless, you have made one mistake, which is to chase everyone by your side away. Do you think that by doing so, you’re protecting them? Honestly, you will just end up being all alone.”

Kneeling in front of him, she reached out her hand, wanting to lift his chin.

Just when she was about to touch him, Kurt lifted his head suddenly. With sweat covering his entire forehead, he shot her a piercing gaze that caused her to lose her courage.

What’s going on? He is obviously my prisoner now, but why am I still afraid of him?

Infuriated, Lucy grabbed Kurt by the face and forced him to make eye contact with her.

“I’m curious to see how stubborn you truly are!” Just as she spoke, she shamelessly attempted to plant her lips on Kurt’s.

At that moment, Kurt’s entire body was filled with intense hostility.

However, there was no need for him to take any action at all. As a gunshot rang out with a bang, a bullet flew swiftly in their direction.

If Lucy hadn’t dodged in time, she would have lost her life at that very instant.

“Lucy, you despicable woman. I’m going to kill you!”

It was the same figure dressed in the white dress.

But this time, she had lost the crown on her head. Holding the gun in her hand like a fiercely protective mother, she dashed up from below with her black hair draped all over her shoulders.

Bang! Bang!

She fired a few more shots consecutively, forcing Lucy to flee some distance away.

Only then did Vivian sprint up in tears and drop to her knees in front of Kurt.


The emotions she felt then were just indescribable.

Looking at Vivian who had just returned, Kurt could see the terror in her face and the tears in her eyes.

Also, her hands were trembling, for she had never held a weapon before.

Consequently, his heart ached for her so much that he felt like it was being torn apart.

“W-Why did you come back?”

“I want to be with you. Don’t you worry, my brothers and Daddy are on their way here. Therefore, there’s no need to fear these villains at all. No matter how powerful they are, my daddy will eliminate all of them!”

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