Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1703 I Will Take You Home

Chapter 1703 I Will Take You Home

Alternating between laughing and crying, Vivian was filled with hope the moment she mentioned her daddy.

Kurt was stunned.

“D-Did you just say that your daddy is coming?”

“Mmm-hmm!” Teary-eyed, Vivian nodded with conviction.

“I have gotten in touch with my brother, and he has informed me that they will be arriving in five minutes with Daddy. Thus, all you need to do now is wait,” she reassured him with a smile.

Kurt was speechless as he felt a sudden rush of ecstasy in his chest. Just like an ember that was reignited, he began to tremble slightly on his knees.

That’s right, as long as the legendary Sebastian is here, everything can be resolved.

Staring at Vivian, he finally broke into a smile.

However, at that particular moment, time seemed to freeze.


When Kurt saw blood spew out of Vivian’s back like a fountain, he felt the world falling into a deathly silence. It was followed by the sight of Vivian gradually collapsing onto the ground.

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“Quick, drag her away! Without her as our hostage, there’s no way we can escape when Sebastian arrives!”

Having heard their exchange, Lucy knew that she had to strike.

Subsequently, she reeled in the chain that she had pierced Vivian’s heart with. Just like a floating piece of origami, Vivian was then pulled over to her side.

“Lucy, I’m going to kill you!” Kurt had finally lost his mind.

Springing up from the ground, he let out a beast-like roar before charging at the raving mad Lucy.

As Kurt was attacking Lucy in a suicidal manner, it was a scene so brutal that no one could forget it for the rest of their lives.

If Kurt tried to resist the control of the worm within him, it would relentlessly chew him from within. The phenomenon would result not only in the death of the host but the worm too.

At that moment, he had gone utterly berserk. With blood oozing out the corners of his mouth, he wielded the Blood Arrow and slaughtered everyone in his path, as if he had gone berserk.

Regardless of whether they deserved to be killed, everyone died when struck by the razor-sharp tip of his Blood Arrow. By the time he caught up with Lucy, there was already a pile of corpses by his feet.

“Kurt, you had better stop moving. Or else, I’ll kill her!”

Frightened by Kurt’s ferocity and the fact that he had slaughtered his way to get to her, Lucy grabbed Vivian with one hand and tugged on the chain embedded in the latter’s chest with the other.

Vivian was in such tortuous pain that she could barely say a word.

Every time she moved a little, her body would shiver. Moreover, her mind grew increasingly hazy.

Despite being in a daze, she cracked a faint smile when she caught a glimpse of the blood-drenched Kurt standing in front of her.

“K-Kurt, l-leave me.”

As the pain he felt reached a climax, a mix of blood and tears streamed out from his bloodshot eyes.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll bring you home soon. W-We have promised each other that we will come here and return together,” he comforted her while approaching step by step.

Vivian stared at him.

Even though she felt dizzy just like an anchored kite, she nodded obediently to acknowledge their promise.

With that, Kurt closed his eyes resolutely.

Just when Lucy assumed that she could capture him, he suddenly opened his eyes and stabbed the blood-stained arrow into his own chest.


An even more vicious worm cry was heard.

Suddenly, Lucy felt a stinging pain all over her limbs. When she lowered her head, she noticed countless crawling organisms moving under her skin.


When she finally screamed in horror, her attention was taken off Vivian.

Seizing upon the window of opportunity, Kurt lunged forward with the last bit of strength he had and swung his blade down.


After cutting off the chain successfully, Kurt carried Vivian and then fell down the altar.



As countless shouts filled the surroundings, Lucy regained her senses at once. At that instant, her eyes filled with murderous intent after having been tricked.

Just when she turned around to capture the two of them, a thunderous rumble rang out above her head.

It wasn’t the sound of a helicopter but that of a jet. Furthermore, there was more than one of them. As they screamed through the air, one could see that their guns were primed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The jets fired a hail of bullets at the ground, just like a whirlwind of falling autumn leaves. Standing right in their sights, Lucy was soon covered by bullet holes.

Even in death, her eyes were still looking up at the sky.

She couldn’t understand how she still ended up being killed by Kurt despite the meticulous planning and the fact that she had the entire tribe under her control.

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