Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1704 Kill

Chapter 1704 Kill

This time, she had transformed the entire tribe into her base. On top of that, the guards outside were armed to the teeth to ensure that the day’s ceremony would proceed smoothly.

In fact, she even deployed the latest nuclear wave equipment that was available.

How did Sebastian arrive in such a short time? Wasn’t he not monitoring the matter?

With her eyes wide open till the end, that was the question she took to her grave.


After Lucy collapsed onto the ground, one of the jets spun around and gradually landed on the altar.

Despite flying at breakneck speed a moment ago, it only took the jet a few seconds to come to a stop.

In the meantime, everyone, including all those injured and the king who had lost his arm, stared at the landing jet amidst the gale it generated.

Having barely survived, the king had never looked so pathetic before…

Finally, a towering figure in a black trench coat descended from the jet.

Given that it was raining at that time, he held up a big black umbrella as he disembarked from the plane.

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With a figure that stood out among ordinary men, he exuded a distinguish aura that was insuppressible.

The king stared intently at him, for he had heard about this legendary figure of the Jadesons.

From those rumors, he learned that Sebastian used to be a company president with wealth that could rival nations. Later on, he somehow ended up as a son of a powerful family.

After that, he managed to single-handedly subdue the chaos that erupted in the country.

However, no one ever witnessed how he actually did it.

Nonetheless, now that there was peace, everyone would feel a sense of reverence every time he was mentioned as if he was an angel who was sent to protect the people.

At that moment, the situation was no different.

The king watched on as Sebastian walked across the blood-covered altar and stopped in front of the lady he had just killed.

“Is she dead yet?” he asked in a cold and indifferent voice.

Just as he spoke, everyone present could feel the murderous intent he emitted.

It was as if he would turn Lucy into dust if anyone had said otherwise.

After all, Vivian was so precious to him that he would never tolerate anyone hurting even a single hair on her.

And yet, Lucy had torn a huge wound on her chest.

At that moment, Sebastian gave Lucy’s corpse a deathly stare.

“Mr. Hayes, she’s no longer breathing.”

“Crack her skull and examine her brain.”

“Yes, Mr. Hayes.”

“Also, kill the rest of them,” he ordered through his gritted teeth.

It had been a long time since he felt the urge to kill anyone.

This time, blood was destined to flow like rivers.

As the king continued to stare in awe, he finally understood what a true king and a real massacre actually were.

Despite ruling Elysium like a tyrant, he was nothing compared to Sebastian.

The screams of the slaughter could be heard for half an hour straight. All of them were being cut down just like watermelons. In the meantime, another jet landed behind them. Subsequently, two youths stormed out of it.

Both of them were obviously filled with rage.

It was at the same moment that the king realized that his tribe had long been wiped out.

Other than the citizens who had been freed of the worms’ control by Xayden, everyone else looked unfamiliar to him. In other words, Elysium had been replaced right under his nose with men brought in by Lucy.

“How dare you hurt my sister!”

As the youth’s voice rang out, a sharp dagger plunged into the high priest’s chest, causing him to collapse lifelessly onto the ground.

Meanwhile, the king saw the other youth stepping on the high priest’s corpse as he began to control a drone, which had blue lights blinking as it hovered in the air.

After it ascended into the sky, the youth fiddled with the controls, resulting in a sound of a crack.

Suddenly, the drone showered a white light upon the chaotic citizens beneath it. The next moment, the citizens that Xayden haven’t freed stopped their hysterical actions abruptly.

At the same time, the blank look on their faces gradually dissipated.

“Mr. Ian, you’re amazing to have invented this gadget!” Xayden shouted in delight from below the altar when he saw what was going on.

Evidently, Ian was using advanced technology to free the tribe’s citizens from mind control.

The king was so astounded that he was lost for words.

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