Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1705 Grave Mistake

Chapter 1705 Grave Mistake

“Do you still want to kill?”

All of a sudden, Sebastian walked over.

The king was stunned to see Sebastian’s gaze fall upon the man who was threatening him with a blade, Craigor.

It was Craigor’s sudden appearance that foiled the entire plan. If not for him, Kurt would have executed the mission beautifully.

Craigor’s actions had resulted in mass casualties among the tribe. Furthermore, he had caused the innocent Vivian to be grievously injured and for Kurt to sacrifice his life to save her.

Up till then, no one was sure if Kurt was still alive or not.

As Sebastian stared daggers at Craigor, the latter felt a chill down his spine.

“W-Who are you?”

“Who am I? After making that girl your pawn for so many years, how can you not know who I am? After all that planning, didn’t she tell you who she is going against?”

As the black umbrella tilted to the side, Sebastian revealed his face and burst into mocking laughter.

At the same time, Craigor’s eyes widened in shock.

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“Y-You’re the youngest son of the Jadesons!”

“Yes, I am!”

Craigor never said another word thereafter.

Upon learning that he had been used all this while, Craigor stood there blankly as if a heavy blow had struck his head.

So, this is him.

After hearing so much about Sebastian over the years, Craigor assumed that he would look like some kind of a monster.

However, Sebastian not only turned out to be much younger than he thought but was also a handsome and gentle-looking man.

How is this possible?

All the rumors he heard about Sebastian revolved around how ruthless the latter was.

Even though Craigor was dumbstruck, that wasn’t going to be his greatest blow.

Standing in front of Craigor, Sebastian continued, “You claim that you are seeking revenge upon Roppell for killing your two sisters and nephews, but do you know that your nephews have been killed by the mastermind behind this lady?”

“What did you say? They died by his hand?”

“Yes, after your two nephews were sent away by their mother, my father took them in. Ever since then, they stayed with the Hayes family. The elder nephew sacrificed his life in Jetroina after stabbing my father’s killer. He had wanted to repay his debt of gratitude by exacting revenge on the man who plotted against my father.

“As for your younger nephew, he continued to stay by my side. When I joined the Jadeson family, Eddie wanted to dispose of me when he saw how fast my influence was eroding his control over the Jadesons. Unfortunately, your nephew died protecting me when he was caught in Eddie’s trap. And now, you have the cheek to tell me that you’re avenging their deaths?”

Sebastian’s final sentence was filled with sarcasm.

In truth, he had no interest in speaking to Craigor, especially after the latter had thrown a wrench into his grand plan.

However, after watching Kurt suffer tremendously, Sebastian felt the urge to let the idiotic Craigor know of the massive mistake he made.

He wanted to ensure that Craigor would live in regret, without any hope of redemption for the rest of his life.

“T-That’s impossible. You must be lying. It can’t—”

Craigor was thrown into a panic.

With his face turning pale, he staggered backward and adamantly denied the fact.

In response, Sebastian sneered, “If you don’t believe me, why don’t you ask your nephew, Kaiden, who is lucky to still be alive. When he awakes, you can ask him yourself about how he survived.”

“Let me tell you, killing Roppell is like squashing an insect to him. However, why doesn’t he do it? Why did he stay in court for such a long time? Do you really think he’s after the worthless throne?” Sebastian reminded Craigor in a cruel tone.

By then, Craigor fell into silence.

Meanwhile, the king, who was also being accused by Sebastian, turned pale upon a sudden realization.

No one was able to accept the truth.

Both of them realized that when Kurt was declared dead back then, all ties had been severed between him and them. Upon his return, everything Kurt did had nothing to do with them at all.

As a result, the two of them slumped to the ground.

However, Sebastian paid no heed to them.


The moment he turned around, he heard the crisp sound of a sword falling to the ground. Without looking back, he descended from the altar with his umbrella in hand and hurried to where the casualties were being treated.

Ten minutes later, Kurt and Vivian were loaded onto the jet once their condition had been stabilized.

After that, someone rushed up behind Sebastian to report, “Mr. Hayes, Craigor has committed suicide.”

Sebastian simply responded with a smirk.

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