Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1707 He Told Me He Will Come For Me

Chapter 1707 He Told Me He Will Come For Me

“There’s no more hope, Mr. Hayes. Can one live without a heart?”

Haruto raised a cruel example.

Just as he spoke, Sebastian’s expression darkened drastically.

“Is it really that serious?”

“Of course. If you look at the scans, they clearly show that his organs can’t even perform basic functions once the worm has died. That’s the equivalent of losing his heart. This case is just out of this world. I have never seen something so unnatural in my entire life,” Haruto remarked in disbelief.

At that moment, everyone’s heart sank.

This time, it felt as if there was no longer any hope left.

“What should we do? Should we tell Vivian?” Sasha finally asked with sullen expression and tears in her eyes.

Everyone was equally stumped for an answer, for they didn’t know how Vivian would react upon learning of the news.

In spite of their concerns, she still found out in the end.

On the third day after Vivian awoke, her parents had gotten Xayden to give her some medication for short-term memory loss.

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Three days later, due to the fact that she had the worm inside her before, her memory gradually returned. Later on, she overheard two nurses discussing something while she was taking a walk along the corridor.

“I heard the youth in the intensive care unit will be taken off the ventilator today.”

“That’s right. Actually, he’s already dead. It’s just that his family couldn’t bring themselves to do it.”

“Mmm-hmm. I heard about that too. It’s such a shame, especially for someone as good-looking as him.”

Both of them were gossiping while tidying up one of the wards.

When Vivian heard what they said, she stopped at the door at once.

A youth? One that’s extremely handsome?

At that moment her eyes sparkled with intrigue. After all, the doctor had reminded her to be more active so that she could recover faster.

Hence, she headed toward the intensive care unit for a walk.

When she arrived, she saw the doctors and nurses entering the ward wearing cleanroom suits. Even though they had their masks on, she could still see the sense of pity on their faces.

Who is he to elicit such an emotional response from the doctors and nurses?

She gradually walked up to the intensive care unit and peered through the glass window.

Just as expected, there was a patient on the bed inside who was connected to tons of tubes.

Nevertheless, the ECG machine stationed beside him was still showing a pulse.

At that moment, Vivian felt a sudden squeeze in her heart when she saw the doctor who was about to disconnect the ventilator from the youth.

After looking at the sixteen-year-old youth’s face, she turned her attention to his tightly closed eyes.

He’s really handsome!

That was the first thought that came to mind.

Nevertheless, the thought was maintained for a fleeting moment as she subsequently saw the doctor remove the respirator from him, revealing his exquisite features.

At that moment, she felt a buzz in her head.

Standing there, her mind was suddenly filled with a blinding light before a voice began to ring out in it.

“Vivi, I’ll take you home.”

“Vivi, don’t cry. I’m here to save you.”

“Vivi, you have to remember that your dad sent me to your side to protect you. I’m not your sibling in any way!”

The tone of the final sentence sounded especially sharp.

After staggering backward, Vivian widened her eyes and stared inside. In a few short seconds, she felt as if her mind was in turmoil.





“No, don’t touch him! Don’t you dare touch my Kurt!” Having finally regained her memories, she lunged forward like a raving mad girl and began to bang on the glass furiously.

“No! Let go of him! Don’t remove his respirator!”

Her screaming voice was so sharp that the entire floor, including the intensive care unit, could hear her.

Hence, the nurse inside came over to open the door.

Nonetheless, she couldn’t have expected the girl in a hospital gown to dash madly in.

Looking at Kurt, Vivian put the respirator back on him without a moment’s hesitation.

When the doctors and nurses saw the terrifying look on her face, they looked at each other in confusion.

By the time Sebastian and Sasha arrived, Vivian was shielding Kurt’s bed in the intensive care unit as if she was possessed.


When Sasha saw Vivian’s reaction, she felt as if her heart was pierced by a knife.

In the ward, Vivian was threatening the doctors and nurses not to come near with a needle. The moment she saw Sasha, she finally bawled.

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