Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1708 Entrusting To Sebastian

Chapter 1708 Entrusting To Sebastian

“Mommy, he isn’t dead. I beg of you, don’t let them take his respirator off. No, Daddy. No…” she pleaded with her parents with tears gushing out of her eyes.

Her entire body was shivering at the same time.

When Sebastian and Sasha saw the desperation in Vivian, both of them were so heartbroken that they didn’t dare to do anything.

Consequently, the respirator was put back onto Kurt.

As for the doctors and nurses, none of them dared to enter the intensive care unit at all.

Meanwhile, Sasha accompanied her daughter in the ward for a long time until the latter had finally stopped crying. After that, she simply sat there and stared listlessly at Kurt, just like a puppet.

Sasha began to comfort her, “Vivi, you—”

“Mommy, I know what you want to say, but he won’t die, and neither will he leave me.”

Sasha remained silent.

“He told me that he would take me home and asked me to wait for him. He also said that we must go there and return together. Mommy, can you give him some time? He will definitely come back to us.”

This is just like when she was six.

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When Sasha had just started speaking, Vivian talked over her quickly. Despite Vivian’s sound presence of mind, Sasha felt as if a knife was stabbed in her old wounds upon hearing her daughter’s tone.

The reason was that she was reminded of what happened to Calvin.

Back then, he had died in front of Vivian, and she was only six that year.

Sasha could still remember Vivian crying in a piercing voice when she saw Calvin die.

Come to think of it, if she could communicate better back then, she would probably be begging us just like how she’s pleading for more time on Kurt’s behalf right now. However, will he come back just because we have granted him more time?

Sasha cried her eyes out again.

While the mother and daughter were overwhelmed by sorrow, someone suddenly entered the ward to see Sebastian.

“Mr. Hayes, Kurt’s mother and sister are here and would like to see him.”

“What did you say?” Sebastian raised his gaze.

Ten minutes later, Sebastian, who was waiting outside the intensive care unit, saw a middle-aged lady with gray hair. She was dressed in Elysium traditional clothing and had a young girl in tow.

The lady was very thin and looked extremely haggard.

Even then, one could see from her features that she used to be a stunning beauty in her younger days.

Once both of them came up to Sebastian, Nina recognized him.

After blinking her eyes, which resembled Kurt’s, Nina meekly introduced Sebastian to her mom, “Mom, this is the man who saved Kaiden.”

The moment her mother heard it, she dropped to her knees in front of Sebastian.

“Madam, there’s no need for such courtesy.” Sebastian quickly helped her up.

Given how much she had suffered, she insisted on kneeling. Subsequently, she bowed to Sebastian in front of everyone.

“Mr. Hayes, I, Ruby Calyette, can never repay the debt of gratitude I owe you for saving my son. I hope that I can somehow make it up to you in my next lifetime.”

“Madam, don’t say that. Saving your son was a coincidence. It just wasn’t his time yet. Hence, there’s no need to make too much of it.”

Sebastian helped her up again.

This time, Ruby didn’t refuse.

After that, Sebastian turned to the intensive care unit with a darkened expression. “Do you want to go in? He’s right inside.”

From Sebastian’s grave tone, one could easily surmise what the situation inside was.

Unexpectedly, Ruby wasn’t as sad as Sebastian even though it was her son that was lying inside. In fact, her expression was a sea of calm.

“All right, Mr. Hayes. There’s something I would like to ask of you. Will you promise me to do it?”

“Go on.”

Sebastian was surprised but agreed anyway.

With that, he saw the feeble-looking Ruby push Nina forward.

Raising her head, Ruby gave Sebastian a teary-eyed look and requested, “Can you please tell her brother to take care of his sister when he awakes? Wherever he goes, he has to bring her along and not leave her anywhere, all right?”

Sebastian was stunned.

Despite how smart he was and how much he had been through, he didn’t understand the meaning behind her words.

After Ruby entered, Vivian and Sasha came out shortly. Subsequently, they watched her through the intensive care unit’s window.

After Ruby said something to her son teary-eyed, she suddenly stabbed something into her own chest. The next instant, everyone saw blood spurt out of her body, followed by her pulling something out that was dripping with blood.

“What is she doing? Open the door!”

“Open the door at once!”

In response, Sebastian and Sasha screamed from outside the ward.

At that moment, Nina suddenly wailed, “Don’t open the door, Mom is giving her own nest to my brother!”


What nest?

Everyone was bewildered.

In the meantime, Ruby placed the thing she was holding in her hand into her son’s chest.

A nest was actually the worm’s habitat when it was raised inside a human body.

Since Kurt’s worm was given by his mom, she was its nest. Therefore, the only way to revive the worm within Kurt’s body was to incubate the worm eggs left behind by the King Worm within the nest.

Once the worm hatched from its egg, Kurt would naturally be saved.

The gruesome scene that Sebastian witnessed would go on to haunt him for many years ahead.

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