Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1709 A Silver Lining

Chapter 1709 A Silver Lining

In the end, the intensive care unit fell silent by the time the doctor arrived.

Ruby was lying motionless on top of her son, just like a caring mother who fell asleep from exhaustion.

Unfortunately, everyone knew that wasn’t the case.

After being shocked by what had unfolded, the doctor examined the noble Ruby and shook his head in tears. “Mr. Hayes, I’m sorry. She no longer has a pulse.”


Nina’s wail echoed throughout the corridor, moving everyone present to tears. Meanwhile, Sasha knelt down and hugged her tightly.

“Be a good girl, and don’t cry now. Let’s stop crying.”

No one could bear to watch the noble yet heartbreaking scene.

Nonetheless, the conclusion was for the best, for no mother in the world could stand idly by and watch their children die. Such was her fate.

As a result, one could understand why she took such drastic actions.

However, it was still a shame that Kurt couldn’t see his mom one last time before her death. After all, he had gone through so much hardship to save her to only have her sacrifice her life to save him.

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Therefore, he would be utterly devastated upon learning of what happened when he woke up.

After that, Vivian kept vigil in his ward for over three days. She was worried that he wouldn’t be able to accept the truth.

However, Kurt was still in a coma three days later.

Nevertheless, his condition improved, and he could now breathe independently.

After finishing the examination, the attending physician looked at Sebastian in amazement. “Mr. Hayes, this is the most unbelievable event I have seen in my entire career. As of now, all his broken organs are attaching themselves back together. But, it’s still a painstaking process.”

Unable to explain it in medical terms, the doctor could only describe it crudely by using the words “broken” and “attaching,” for that was the phenomenon that was occurring inside Kurt.

The King Worm’s death had resulted in all of his organs being destroyed. Hence, they lost their basic ability to function.

Surprisingly, after Ruby inserted a piece of flesh that contained the bacteria that could incubate worms into him, a strange organism began to amalgamate itself with his organs.

Within three days, his supposedly dead organs became active again.

“Hmm. There’s no need to be surprised, as there are many unexplained phenomena in this world. It’s just a matter of humans not bothered to find out more.”

Sebastian plainly advised.

The doctor nodded, “You’re right. Even the medical field is still in development. Or else, we wouldn’t have so many incurable diseases still.”


“Anyway, you can rest easy now, Mr. Hayes. Even though he isn’t awake yet, it’s just a matter of time before he does. By the time his body has repaired itself, he will naturally wake up.”

The doctor let out another long sigh after he finished.

This is way too strange.

With that, Kurt’s condition stabilized.

That afternoon, Devin finally returned with the twins after tying up loose ends in Elysium.

“How is it?”

“Everything has been resolved. A total of four to five thousand people died. Half were the remnants of Eddie’s men, while the rest belonged to the tribe.

Devin handed over a name list with a grim expression.

That was the consequence of a disaster caused by a madman. In the end, thousands of innocents from the Elysium tribe lost their lives.

To a tribe that had less than twenty thousand members, it was considered a devastating blow.

Sebastian stared at the list with a sullen expression.

“Haven you found any leads from Lucy’s body?”

“I have, Daddy. It’s as you have predicted. After dissecting her brain, we found a chip. My analysis confirms that it’s the exact same chip implanted in Duncan’s brain.”

Ian walked over and took out a sealed bag that contained the chip. The moment he mentioned Duncan, his tone was tinged with anger.

So, it appears that Lucy is nothing but a puppet. From the very beginning, there has always been reason to suspect her. Even though she was only about Kurt’s age, she had the ability to wield significant influence and control many people in the tribe. That was certainly a red flag. Furthermore, this plan wasn’t put in motion in just a year and a half. From the men in the forest to those in the tribe, it would have taken decades to do it. Consequently, there’s no way a clueless sixteen-year-old girl is capable of something of this scale.

That was the reason why Sebastian suspected Lucy was a puppet from the start.

In the end, the results vindicated his speculation.

Meanwhile, Sebastian stared at the chip with an increasingly murderous aura.

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