Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1710 Being Assigned Important Missions

Chapter 1710 Being Assigned Important Missions

“Ian, I have a mission for you.”

“Sure, Daddy. What is it?” inquired the young man as he lifted his head to look at Sebastian. He had the same determination in his eyes as his father.

Then, Sebastian handed his son a microchip. “I want you to use this microchip against them as a weapon. Can you do that?”

“What do you mean by that, Daddy?”

“I need you to crack it and get it under your control. That way, those who’re like Duncan or Lucy will all be at your command. Do you understand?” explained Sebastian while gazing sternly at his son, who was already almost as tall as him then.

At that point, Sebastian was no longer treating his son like a child but like a grown man instead. He saw Ian as an adult who could help him shoulder some responsibilities.

Ian was all fired up when he realized how important a task his father had assigned him, so he immediately straightened his back before replying decisively, “Yes, I understand. Don’t worry, Daddy. I’ll get it done!”

“Good!” Sebastian was more than pleased to see how dependable Ian was.

Standing just beside his brother, Matteo started to get anxious because he had not been assigned a mission yet like Ian.

“What about me, Daddy? I want a mission too.”

“I haven’t forgotten about you, Matteo. I have something I need you to do as well,” assured Sebastian while patting his son on the shoulder. Then, he turned around and took out an item to show Matteo.

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“This is the Dragon Insignia of SteelFort. It represents the authority of the head of our family. From now on, it belongs to you.”

Matteo was utterly dumbfounded when his father gave him something so important.

Even Devin was surprised when he saw what Sebastian did. “Sebastian, are you sure—”

“He likes to use children as his pawns, doesn’t he? Well, two can play that game. I’m sure you and your brother will be more than enough to deal with him in my stead. Now listen to me carefully, Matteo. Your mission is to lead SteelFort and uproot whatever remaining forces that b*stard has.”

There was nothing but murderous intents in Sebastian’s eyes when he handed his son the Dragon Insignia. Even in his death, that old b*stard continues to haunt me, but I’m not going to let him have his way. Since he’s already dead, I believe it’s time I let my boys handle things for me. We’ll see who has more capable children—Eddie’s or mine.

On that same day, Sebastian took Kurt and Vivian with him and returned to Jadeborough, leaving Matteo in Yorksland.

The young man’s first mission was to scour Elysium for the former high priest, Daphne, and her son, Jason.

Meanwhile, on the Oceanic Estate in Jadeborough, Vivian had been visiting Grayson for the past two days, leaving Nina behind in the strange environment.

“Nina, are you hungry? Would you like me to make you something?” inquired Sasha caringly.

She was worried that Nina might not be comfortable staying there since the girl had remained on the third floor for quite a while.

True to Sasha’s concern, Nina did indeed have trouble getting used to the new environment. On top of that, she missed her mother and brother dearly.

However, Nina remembered her mother telling her to behave there since Sasha was not only a good person but also a great benefactor to her family.

Sitting by herself on the floor, Nina swallowed her emotions before lifting her head to respond to Sasha. “It’s okay, Mrs. Hayes. I’m not hungry.”

Seeing how understanding Nina was only made Sasha more downhearted that she could not do anything to help.

Suddenly, Sasha heard the voice of a little girl coming from downstairs.

“Aunt Sasha! Where are you, Aunt Sasha?”

Sasha knew exactly who that voice belonged to, so she looked down from the third floor to smile at the little girl carrying two big baskets. “I’m up here, Jaena!”

“Hey, Aunt Sasha! What are you doing upstairs? You’ve got to come down here and help me. These watermelons are just so heavy! I’m about to die from exhaustion!”

After she finally found Sasha, Jaena let go of the watermelons and slumped into a chair. The girl then panted like a dog while leaning back.

Nina got curious because of the ruckus, so she stuck her head out to see who Sasha was talking to.

Something about Jaena’s behavior reminded Nina of herself back in the palace after Kurt rescued her.

Nina’s beautiful eyes widened when she saw Jaena, a girl just about her age. “Is she really older than I am?”

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