Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1711 Exposed

Chapter 1711 Exposed

“Why in the world did your mother ask you to send watermelons here? I could’ve just bought them myself if I wanted to have one. Besides, they’re quite heavy. Did she forget that you’re still just a child?”

“A child?” scoffed Jaena after she finally managed to catch her breath.

She was about to tell Sasha how much she appreciated someone remembering that she was still a child when Nina suddenly appeared from the stairs.

“Who’s this?” Jaena had always been easily distracted by new things, including fresh faces.

“Oh, she’s Kurt’s little sister. She just got here. Hey, do you want to play with her, Jaena? I think she could really use a friend.”

Sasha was suddenly hopeful again because she thought that Jaena could keep Nina company.

However, upon hearing that, Jaena immediately jumped to her feet.

“No, thank you. I have enough to deal with as it is. Just having Jeffrey around was enough to give me headaches, and now you want to torment me with another? If you don’t mind, I’d prefer not to worsen my already terrible headaches. The watermelons are delivered, so I did what I came here to do. Bye, Aunt Sasha. I have to go to school now.”

Then, the girl hurried to the door and made herself scarce, leaving Sasha alone with Nina once again.

After Jaena left, Nina lowered her head in disappointment. I knew it. Nobody likes me.

Meanwhile, Sebastian stayed at the Aquene Temple for several days, for it had been some time since he last visited the thousand-year-old temple.

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“So I heard that you gave Matteo command of SteelFort?” inquired Shin while making tea and playing chess with his son in a pavilion beside the stream.

Sebastian held a teacup in his hands as he focused his attention on the chessboard. “Yes.”

“Aren’t you worried about them?” Shin took a sip of his tea after asking the question with furrowed eyebrows.

Compared to Sebastian, Shin seemed more concerned about the young ones.

With a smirk, Sebastian extended his slender fingers to move a chess piece before responding, “What’s there to worry about? They’re not children anymore, you know? In just a few more months, they’ll be eighteen years old, which means they’ll be adults very soon.”

Shin was stunned when he received that piece of information. They’re almost eighteen already?

After freezing for a second, Shin returned to his senses and smiled in response.

“You’re right. I can’t believe I forgot how old they are already. I’ll have to consider them grown-ups from now on. I must say, the matter regarding Lucy did surprise me. Does that mean Eddie had control of the entire tribe when they were on Mount Aquene?”

“I wouldn’t say it’s impossible.”

Shin then let out a long sigh, for he was as sick of the war as Sebastian was. It had been going on for many years since Eddie first started it.

The elderly man was so revolted by the conflict that he could not help but frown instinctively when he brought up the topic. Still, there was no other way. It was unavoidable.

“So what are you going to do now? Since Eddie’s been dead for so many years now, I don’t think it’s possible for him to plan that far ahead, do you? No matter how devious that old fox was, he couldn’t have seen that far ahead into the future. He didn’t even expect that you would defeat him all those years ago, so why he would have thought of playing the long game?” questioned Shin.

As soon as the elderly man made his move, a strong wind suddenly blew and messed up the pieces on the chessboard.

“He wouldn’t have. It’s impossible. That’s why the most important thing now is to find his son.”

“What?” exclaimed Shin with his eyes widened at Sebastian, no longer interested in rearranging the chess pieces. Son? Eddie’s son?

“Did you… Did you just say that he has a son?”

“Yes. What’s wrong? You’ve been by his side for so many years, yet you have no idea that he has a son?” Sebastian glanced at his father indifferently, despising the man for being so ignorant. Does he really think that he’s a monk now and should leave the whole world behind him?

“I… To tell you the truth, I really have no idea at all. I was imprisoned under the temple back then, so as you can imagine, I was quite occupied with other things. When did he have a son, and where is the child now?” Shin was not too proud to admit his oversight, and he really needed Sebastian to tell him more because he could not imagine how Eddie managed to have a son.

Since Eddie was a dwarf, he had always had low self-esteem around women. When Sasha and Sabrina found the secret room under the temple, they came across the man’s notebook, and recorded inside was Eddie’s resentment towards the society as a whole and his severe case of self-consciousness.

Just when Shin was wondering who Eddie had a child with, Sebastian showed him a photo.

The elderly man was shocked to the core when he realized who was in that picture. “What? Isn’t this Alfred’s wife?”

“Yes, but this photo was taken before she married Alfred. Why else did you think a woman like her would marry a man like Alfred?” sneered Sebastian before continuing to sip his tea. I guess the old man isn’t completely hopeless. At least he still recognizes the woman.

Stunned for a while, Shin suddenly remembered hearing a rumor before he left home and became a monk, and it came from the prominent Heard family.

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