Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1716

Chapter 1716 Some Hearts Are Meant To Be Cold 2

What else could it be? Naturally, one’s health would deteriorate after being trapped in an unhappy environment for such a
long time. When Sebastian comes home, I will ask him to speak to Edmund and find out what exactly is happening in his

The kids set off after that small episode. As the three older children were there, the adults put them in charge without
following them.

Their reward would be seeing Sasha waiting for their return at the campsite with her delicious pastries.
What they were doing was very meaningful.

While everyone else was enjoying the festive season, those wonderful people remained at the campsite, standing guard,
acting as protectors for the others.

As such, the Hayes family’s triplets had accepted the task enthusiastically.

However, all the children were stunned upon their arrival because none of them had ever worked on a farm. It shocked them
to see the delicacy that they frequently enjoyed grew in soil like sweet potatoes.

“lan, has Mommy gotten it wrong? Are these really yacons?” Vivian asked at once, carrying her basket, her eyes widening.
Before she got an answer, Jaena had already bent down and plucked out one yacon.

When the girl dug into the soil, everyone saw the root that was covered in soil. It wasn’t difficult to tell that it wasn’t a sweet

“Wow! It’s really a yacon!” Jeffrey exclaimed.

The boy, who was used to enjoying the delicious food and snacks prepared by the servants at home, clapped excitedly
because he recognized the fruit instantly.

After that, the teams split up and got down to work.

Since the farm did not enjoy a good harvest that year, not many healthy foliage of the plant could be seen. Most of them
grew next to tea trees that had a dense canopy.

Vivian and Jaena kept walking toward the deeper end of the farm.

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