Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1717

Chapter 1717 Why Are You Here
There was no one.
Jaena stood up slowly, feeling perplexed by her cousin’s sudden disappearance.

Meanwhile, a hand covered Vivian’s mouth. Her eyes had gone wide in shock as she stared intently at the person who had
suddenly dragged her into a hole behind the tea tree.

“I’ll let go of you if you promise not to scream,” the boy said in a hoarse voice.
He was on high alert while keeping a close eye on the situation above.

When he looked down, he saw that the face of the girl whom he had captured had paled in shock. Her beautiful almond eyes
were also filled with fear.

After the person finished speaking, Vivian quivered slightly as her heart skipped a beat.
Why does his voice sound so familiar?

She fixed her gaze on the boy once again and looked at him seriously. It was then that she noticed a pair of familiar bright
blue eyes. Even though his face had been disfigured, he resembled Calvin!


Thunderstruck, Vivian started struggling with all her might.


Why is he here? Also, what happened to his face? How did he become like that?

She continued struggling, wanting to break free from her captor’s grip.

Perhaps because Jason could tell she meant no harm, he let go of her gradually.

“You… Why are you here? What do you want? Where’s your mom? Where’s that bad woman?”

She did not scream. However, she could not hold back and started questioning the boy, her voice trembling.
At that moment, Vivian was running on sheer anger.

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