Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1718

Chapter 1718 Withered
After all, back then in Elysium, those people who infiltrated the forest were sent by Jason and his mother.

Moreover, the last they saw each other, those same people had also taken the high priest’s son away before feeding the
worms to her.

Regardless of her anger, what shocked Vivian even more was the boy had lowered his head after hearing her questions. He
pursed his lips tightly. After a long silence, he replied, “She’s dead.”


Vivian’s eyes widened in shock instantly.

Daphne is dead?

How did she die?

Dumbfounded at what she had just heard, the girl asked at once, “How did she die? Did my brothers find her?”

“No. She was… Lucy killed her. Back then, after your family got rid of all those people in the forest, Lucy executed my mom
for failing in her task,” Jason crouched down in front of Vivian with a mirthless smile flashing across his face.

She could barely believe what she had just heard.

Daphne was executed? Vivian was extremely shocked to find out that the former high priest of Elysium, whom Eddie had
personally invited to collaborate with him, had ended up being executed by Lucy!

The girl felt goosebumps all over instantly as a shiver ran down her spine.

When she recalled the time when Lucy had gone into the forest to look for her, pretending to protect her, Vivian could not
help but feel sick in her gut.

That meant the evil woman was the one calling the shots in the forest back then.

However, Lucy had not expected Vivian’s brothers would be there with her. She also did not expect that Kurt would go crazy
and kill everyone in the forest just to save the girl.

At that moment, it was apparent to Vivian that she had orchestrated Kurt’s release after they fed him the worms.
“That bit*h!”
It was the first time Vivian had cursed so furiously.

With those thoughts running wild in her head, she could feel herself wanting to skin the woman alive and tear her into a
million pieces.

Jason did not speak. Before going to Elysium, the boy was still the dignified and glorious young prince of Yartran.copy right
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