Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1721

Chapter 1721 Has Kurt Woken Up
lt was indeed Sebastian’s plan.
At present, the most straightforward way to locate Eddie’s son was to go through the Heard family.

Although he could not be bothered about that unscrupulous scum, allowing him to buzz around like an annoying fly was not
the most ideal decision.

Meanwhile, Matteo and lan managed to besiege the whole casino within an hour. The two brothers complemented each
other very well, with one giving strategic commands while the other went on a killing spree.

They carried out their plans swiftly and effectively.

After a tough fight, they stood in the middle of the casino, amidst the enormous number of confiscated weapons. The
brothers loomed over the man-in-charge, who had been pinned against the floor by the men from SteelFort.

“I heard that you guys launched multiple attacks, but they were all in vain?”
Matteo was the frisky one of the two siblings.

Seeing that everything had come to an end, he picked an apple up and took a bite as he played with a submachine gun using
another hand.

That man raised his head abruptly.

Yes, we’ve never succeeded in taking down this place. So, who are these two little b*stards? How dare they ravage the
casino as bold as brass and wipe everyone out? What gives? They don’t know who owns this place, do they?

“Yes! So, have you realized what a big mistake you’ve made?” That man continued to act insolenily.

Matteo took another bite of the apple and turned to his brother, only to realize that the composed lan was staring back at
them disdainfully.

The latter sat down with his legs crossed, exuding an imposing aura, looking identical to their father.


Matteo withdrew his gaze and crouched. He had an urge to play a game.

“How big is my mistake? Why don’t you tell me?”

“Hmph! Let me tell you, no one would have the guts to come cause a scene in this area. Do you know who owns the place?”
“Oh, who?” Matteo took another bite on the juicy apple.

“He carries the last name Heard, one of the two former royal families in the White House. He’s also the father-in-law of the
president back then. Do you know who he is now?” the man-in-charge exclaimed proudly.

One of the royal families? Does it mean that the other family is the Jadesons? What’s wrong with Daddy and Great-grandpa?
Why must they always make us keep a low profile? See, nobody even knows or recognizes us. Hey, we’re members of the
royal family too!

Matteo was feeling slightly aggrieved.
lan watched on; his face devoid of expression.

“Lo and behold, it’s really the Heard family. Thus, Daddy’s prediction is absolutely correct. Matteo, don’t deliberate into small

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