Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1722

Chapter 1722 He Is Conscious

Back at Oceanic Estate.

When Sebastian was about to call it a night, he received a text from his sons and frowned as he read the message.
“What’s wrong?”

Sasha had already tucked herself in bed when she saw him remain rooted on the spot.

Everyone’s hearts were in their mouths that night, worrying about the two boys.

Though they would soon be two fine adults, it was natural for their parents to feel anxious on the very first day they were to
Carry out a mission on their own.

As soon as Sebastian got an update, Sasha immediately sat upright.

A mixture of wonder and trepidation filled her mind when she saw him furrowing his brows.
“Elizabeth is in Yartran.”

“Huh?” Sasha was shocked.

“She’s in Yartran? Why does she travel there? Could it be to kill Jason’s…” Breaking out in a cold sweat, she was not able to
finish her sentence.

Instantly, Sebastian’s expression tumed grim.

Why is that woman in Yartran? Nothing good will come out of this for her to travel there at this juncture.

He called Karl and instructed the latter to bring his men and rush over at once to protect the king.

Unbeknownst to the couple, while they were sending their men to Yartran, something mysterious took place in Kurt’s ward.
A clat of worms appeared from nowhere and flew into his ward through the window.

Within ten minutes, a strange gulping sound was heard coming from Kurt’s throat. Lying on the bed, he needed at least
another six months to be awakened.

To everyone’s disbelief, Kurt unexpectedly opened his eyes and sat as straight as a rod.

The men from SteelFort who had been guarding the ward were utterly thunderstruck. They stared at the bizarre scene for a

Five seconds later, Kurt fell to the bed again and started coughing severely.
“Doctor! Doctor…” the guards cried upon snapping back into their senses.
Moments later, the doctor dashed to the ward, and found an unconscious Kurt.

After running a battery of tests on the patient, the doctor discovered that the dying organs in Kurt’s body had regained
almost fifty percent of their function.

In addition, the doctor also heard a strong and steady heartbeat.
This is surreal! Am I hallucinating?

The doctor was so stunned that he dropped his stethoscope on the floor.

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