Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1723

Chapter 1723 A Curse

“Mr. Hayes, you’re finally here. Kurt…”

A long silence ensued.

After entering the ward, Sebastian’s hawk eye had never left Kurt.

This is definitely abnormal. No matter how incredible a human body is, its metabolism rate and ability to regrow new cells
can never achieve full recovery within an hour. It’s a long process which needs at least six months.

Sebastian’s gaze was fixated on him.
He could tell that Kurt also sensed danger in the air from the moment he entered the ward.

Suddenly, the patient lifted his head, revealing a pale face which was covered with cold sweat. His eyes looked very
ferocious, like a beast ready to devour its prey.

A beast?
A foreboding feeling crept into Sebastian’s heart.

Just as he had suspected, two seconds later, Kurt leaped from his bed and pounced on Sebastian. His swift action left the
SteelFort members gaping.

“Are you out of your mind, Kurt? How dare you lay a finger on Mr. Hayes?”
Upon realizing what had happened, they strode forward and blocked him.

At that moment, Kurt had turned into a monster. Seeing that the others were trying to hold him back, he quickly changed his
move and struck the elites from SteelFort instead.


In a split second, his one move sent them flying.

Easily bested by Kurt, they knew he had now become second to Karl in his combat prowess.
In fact, Karl was not his match at times.

Sebastian’s expression darkened. He took a step back and instructed two doctors to prepare to sedate Kurt. Then, he tossed
a dumbfounded Grayson out of the ward.

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