Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1724

Chapter 1724 The Truth
He’s cursed?
A worldly-wise Sebastian had been through a lot and would never believe in anything unexplainable scientifically.

To him, Elysium’s worm still made sense for him, as it was explainable as a type of living thing manipulating human nerves
and brain. But how’s it possible that he’s cursed? It’s preposterous indeed!

Subsequently, he seemed to have fallen into a trance for ages.
“Mr. Hayes?” Karl called out to him, breaking his reverie.

“Head for Elysium now to bring me Roppell and the witch doctor as mentioned by her. There’s something I need to ask them
he suddenly instructed sternly.

Astounded, Karl raised his head to look at him as he asked tactfully, “Mr. Hayes, do you think… or perhaps, you suspect that
Elysium has something to do with it?”

“Yeah!” Sebastian nodded solemnly.
A quick-witted Karl had a grasp of the situation and set off for Yorksland right away.

Meanwhile, most of the visitors at the hospital had gradually left. Nonetheless, Vivian refused to leave, insisting on waiting
outside the ward in anticipation.

On the brink of tears, she pleaded with Sebastian piteously, “Daddy, please let me stay here. I’m sure he’ll be able to
recognize me after he regains consciousness later. I can assure you he won’t go berserk again!”

No words could describe how tickled pink she was when she knew Kurt had regained consciousness while she was still in
Oceanic Estate.

She presumed it would take him quite a long time before coming to his senses. Thus, she was prepared to drop out of the
school in Yartran temporarily to be by his side, waiting eagerly for him to regain consciousness. It never crossed her mind
that he would suddenly come to his senses.

Sebastian eventually relented and permitted Vivian to stay in the hospital.

Nonetheless, she was only allowed to stay outside the ward. On top of that, there were two elite members of SteelFort
standing guard to keep an eye on everything. Undeniably, Kurt was highly dangerous at the moment.

Standing in front of the glass window of the ward, Vivian kept her eyes glued to the young man lying in bed.copy right hot
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