Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1725

Chapter 1725 Strong Will

Shortly after, Sebastian signaled Karl alongside him to show Roppell a video clip and a picture. The video clip was taken
earlier when Kurt went berserk in the hospital, and the picture revealed the three black lines behind his ear.

“Did you see that? By right, your son’s supposed to take a long time before regaining consciousness. Unexpectedly, he was
suddenly awake last night and seemed to have turned into a brutal annihilator. He charged at everyone relentlessly and was
seemingly striking me with a fatal attack as if I were his mortal enemy. Thus, I wish to know what has gone wrong,’
Sebastian queried solemnly.

“Huh?” The elder was thunderstruck.
Hunching over humbly, he took the picture from Karl and started paying attention to the video clip.
Meanwhile, Sebastian never shifted his gaze away from him.

As expected, Roppell did not really react to how Kurt lost his control in the video. Nevertheless, there was a drastic change in
his countenance when he saw caught sight of the picture.

His pupils constricted; there was even a hint of unmissable irritation on his face as he fumed, “Da*n it! How could Yonas
Morgan have the gut to put a curse on him!”

He turned to shoot the witch doctor alongside him a glare with an instant glint of surging fury in his eyes. Right that instant,
it was as though he was still the ferocious king of Elysium with horrendous murderous intent.

Yonas Morgan? Ha! He doesn’t seem to have a grasp of the situation. But why is he getting all fired up all of a sudden? Who
is Yonas Morgan? Sebastian squinted his eyes as he gazed at Roppell quizzically.

Intimidated by Roppell’s bellow of rage, the witch doctor refuted incoherently, “Huh? But I don’t think Mr. Morgan is still able
to do so. Isn’t he being manipulated by that woman?”

“Then tell me what’s wrong with him! Only a high priest is able to put such a curse on someone. I don’t even know the way,
let alone the others! Can you explain to me what happened to him?” Roppell unleashed his wrath on the witch doctor,
glowering menacingly at him.

Sebastian suddenly had a clear insight into the situation. Hmm, evidently, he has nothing to do with Kurt’s unfathomable
condition. But why is he claiming that someone has put a curse on Kurt?

He could not help holding his breath as he waited patiently for the duo to get a clue. Unexpectedly, the witch doctor startled
them with overwhelming words.

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