Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 1726

Chapter 1726 Root Cause Of The Sickness

Anyone in the high-tech society nowadays would hardly believe that a bug had such ultimate power. Needless to say, it was
relatively unacceptable for Sebastian.

Moments later, Xayden managed to make an analysis based on the blood extracted from Kurt’s body. “It’s actually a bacterial

“Bacteria?” Hearing that, everyone was stupefied.
He nodded while displaying the wriggling black microorganisms visible under the microscope lens to everyone.

“The worms of Elysium are actually a type of living thing that has already mutated. After staying dormant for a long period in
the human body, they can indirectly cause the hosts’ body fluids to be contagious. Based on my observation of Kurt’s blood
sample, he could have been infected by Daphne long ago.” Xayden pointed at some of the microorganisms that appeared to
be tinier. Nonetheless, they were obviously the same as the black ones he showed them a while ago.

He’s infected long ago? In an instant, Vivian recalled something and chimed in, “Yeah! Kurt had first battled against Daphne
at Jason’s place. At that time, she summoned those snakes with her own blood. Somehow, Kurt managed to get rid of them
with a Blood Arrow.”

“That’s right. Daphne was able to summon the snakes with her blood as these microorganisms can lure them. On the other
hand, Kurt was able to get rid of them because the venomous snakes are terrified of his blood infected by the dormant worm
in his body,” Xayden explained analytically.

Unequivocally, nothing in the world was unexplainable by science. For instance, others tended to be fooled and petrified of
the worm, treating them like the deities they had reverence. Once the truth was unearthed, it would automatically become
something relatively ordinary for the high-tech society.

Roppell and the witch doctor were dumbstruck. On the contrary, Karl furrowed his brows and continued to voice his doubt. “If
that’s the case, how could such a large number of the bacteria from the worms in Daphne’s body be found in Kurt’s body
instead? Not to mention, they’d even waken him up all of a sudden!”

“There are two explanations for this question. First, the microorganism could still be alive even after Daphne was dead. In
fact, it’s a normal condition in the hospital. That’s why whenever any patients infected by deadly infectious diseases pass
away, we have to play safe by getting rid of their bodies with a unique method,” Xayden explained.

“Is it possible for the microorganisms to travel all the way here for Kurt? Don’t you know it’s thousands of miles apart?” Karl

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